We are so used to our smartphones, and believe it or not, half of the fascination and intrigue is attributed to the apps installed on the device. Browsing through the Play Store looking for new apps to make our day to day life might sound like a task, but one cannot expect to know it all. There are numerous apps online, however, don’t be surprised if you someday feel that they are more or less the same. To make things more interesting, we have come up with a list of 10 lesser known useful Android apps for everyday use.

Google Goggles

This app is an image recognition software that allows you to point your camera to any object, and then Google searches its database for the details. The search extends to a wided variety of objects, from popular landmarks to books, and to barcodes. This simplifies the entire text-based search process, making information available to you in seconds, and with significantly fewer keystrokes. The app works by using the camera, and once the object is under focus, Google searches its databases for any information regarding the building, landmark, or the barcode. The results are then displayed on the same screen.


The internet is full of websites catering to the “How to” subject. HowStuffWorks.com is another website in the same niche but is immensely loaded with a wealth of resources. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the volume of content on the website is huge, and that makes it a whole wiki of helpful and functional topics. The app also features a Read section which showcases the highlighted articles, and a quick look at the interface will reveal the scrollable menu, with options like Adventure, Animals Popular, etc. to choose from.


This app, although a paid one and requires additional small hardware, is extremely useful for busy people who cannot afford to lose even a single thing. On purchasing this app, the company will ship you ‘TrackR Bravo’s which can be kept with your keys, or in your wallet or along with any other valuable item you don’t want to be misplaced. In order to find your item, all you need to do is open the app, tap on your item, and the app will ring it for you. The app even tells you how far away you are from the valuable you’re looking for.

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Sensors Multitool

Our smartphones have sensors which help make the device easy to use, and perform the tasks that we expect them to. Also, and it should be of no surprise, the more expensive your phone is, the more sensors it contains. So if something goes wrong with your handheld device, what do you do before taking it to the service centre? One thing you would want to do is to ensure that the hardware is okay, and Sensors Multitool takes care of the sensors. The app scans your device to list all the sensors included, as well as their features and then prepares a real time report regarding the status of each sensor. The design is intuitive, and the user interface follows a clean material design concept for easy navigation.

Loop–Habit Tracker

Following up to a good habit that you might have integrated very recently in your life can be tough. The first few days will undoubtedly be okay (with self-motivation, of course), but this can only last for so long. For those of us who need a reminder, a slight nudge, or just some appreciation for your past. Loop-Habit tracker is one amongst the most preferred apps for tracking your habits, and probably the best because it’s completely open source, and does not contain ads. The interface is modern and beautiful, and the app also allows you to track your progress via statistics and detailed graphs. Habit Score is another feature that automatically calculates the strength of your habits, and reminders help you take it to the next level of integration to your daily life.


Sharing large files and even audio is not difficult anymore these days. Some apps allow you to send files from one device to the other using a wide variety of technologies. However, there are some constraints when you transfer files between your phone and computer. Dropbox takes care of all this, acting as a centralized storage location for all your preferred files. All you need is a Dropbox account, and you can easily get your music from your computer right on your phone! Syncing and managing of your folders is easy, and you can get yourself setup in less than 5 minutes.

Stellio Music Player

Every Android phone comes with a default music player, and in addition, one also has access to Google’s Music app. So what’s different with the Stellio Music Player that helps it make to this list? Well, the answer is simple – features, and, quality! The music app features 12 equalizer bands and 13 effects. The quality is superb, and the theme of the player changes depending on the cover art colour. Stellio Music player also acts as a central storage for your audio files, and supports HD playback, with support for an extensive amount of music file formats.

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Find My Parked Car

How many times have you forgot where you parked your car in a crowded parking lot, or in the office basement? Find My Parked Car takes the hassle out of the parking routine, and you can pinpoint the location of the parking spot with just a single click. Even if you forget to manually add the location, the app detects when the driver starts walking and marks the location of the place the car was last drive, thus automatically saving the spot. Further enhancements support setting an alarm for metered parking, and also extended support for Android wearables.

My Cocktail Bar

Cocktails add fun to a party, and if you have some alcohol, some fruits and a few beverages, this app is all you need to add some extra fun to a house party. My Cocktail Bar comes with recipes of more than 9000 cocktails. The app requires you to list the ingredients that you already have and then suggests all that can be made using them. It also lists other possible recipes, with the missing ingredients highlighted. A paid version of this app is also available for download in the name of My Cocktail Bar Pro.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft brings the power of remote desktop connection to your mobile phones. So regardless of where you are, you can get connected to a remote PC and access all your work resources. The app supports both desktop and server editions, with high-quality video and audio streaming, all integrated with a very rich and multi-touch experience that makes accessing remote desktops more than just work!
While we have tried to bring to you some simple apps that could impact your efficiency in everyday life, this is in no way an exhaustive composition. Watch this space for more updated content on the release of interesting, newly launched and updated apps.