While smartphones are great to have for how they can get us online and in touch with other people from anywhere, they aren’t necessarily the right things to have in all spots. There are some places where it would be outright inappropriate to use a smartphone in. The ten places that such smartphones should not be used in include many spots that are essentially supposed to be safe and clear of smartphones.

Don’t Go In the Bathroom (Don’t Use Your Phone There, That Is)

It can be a challenge to try and use a smartphone in the bathroom. With so many things being handled in a bathroom, there is always a risk that you could drop it while it gets real dirty with all sorts of things that a bathroom floor will have come in contact with. Also, you should be focusing on just using the bathroom to take care of your private business anyway.

Don’t Stay Connected At Museums

Museums are places that demand the attention of all those who want to explore certain things. It would be a bad idea to have smartphones in museums.

In fact, it can be outright inappropriate at times. Remember when the Holocaust Memorial Museum got upset over people finding Pokemon Go items in the area and demanded that it be removed?

Keep Quiet In Movie Theaters. Seriously.

It is important for people to pay attention to what happens on the screen at a movie theater. There is no logical reason for why smartphones should be used in movie theaters as they would distract people from being able to enjoy great movies that they want to watch.


Pay Respect In Funeral Homes

A funeral home is a place where people are supposed to pay respects to their loved ones. This is especially important given how sensitive the time might be to anyone who is struggling with the loss of someone important. With this in mind, it is a very bad idea to take out one’s smartphone and to start doing stuff with it at such a place. A funeral home should be a place for remembering those that we have lost and not necessarily for other things.

Would You Use a Phone In the Delivery Room?

You might have heard stories about people sneaking in smartphone usage in the delivery rooms at hospitals. While this might be sensible to some, given how long the birthing process can take at times, it might not be the best idea for anyone to use a smartphone in such a place.

The birthing process can be dangerous at times. The mother’s life could be at risk if the process does not go as well as it should. It is essential to ensure that the entire process runs carefully and without any harm to the parent. This includes keeping smartphones out of the way so no one could be easily distracted during the process.

You Spend Lots At Fancy Restaurants. Why Use Your Phone There?

When at a fancy restaurant, it is important to allow the entire atmosphere of such a place sink it. This includes enjoying the beautiful scenes and scents of foods all around and the many flavours that are found in such a place. A great meal at such a restaurant has to be savoured with an experience like none other.

Unfortunately, it is often easy for people to be distracted by their phones when in such places. Many people often use these phones while waiting for their orders to come to. This is often rude to the other people at the restaurant, particularly those who have spent a great deal of time just planning an opportunity to each at such a fine place.

Keep It Off In a Hospital

We already mentioned the delivery room, but we should also talk about other parts of a hospital. While there is hardly any evidence suggesting that mobile phones are dangerous to your health, there is the overall concern of how being distracted while using one can cause you to get hurt. This comes from you possibly not paying any real attention when in the hospital because you’re using a phone. The last thing you want to do is be distracted and walk into the wrong spot while using your phone.

With that in mind, you have to avoid using your mobile phone in a hospital. This is to keep you from being distracted to the point where you end up going in spots that you have no business being in.

Don’t forget that sometimes the signals reached by your phone will interact with other signals generated by machines in a hospital. This would make your phone useless in many cases, or it might impact other tech items in the hospital. That would be very dangerous in some cases.

You Might Not Like Your Family, But…

There are many family gatherings that might be rather fun and unique like picnics and parties among other things. These are times when we should be thankful for our families as we enjoy everything that’s around us. The presence of our family members should especially be rewarding. Then again, there might also be times when your family members might annoy you to the point where you want to get away for a bit.

Regardless, you should not have to use your phone at one of these events as it might be disruptive. Also, it might be disrespectful to other family members in that they want your attention while at such an event as this.

You Spent WHAT At a Sporting Event?

The last place that you should not be using your phone at is at sporting events. Even though some teams might promote mobile experiences at these events, you shouldn’t have to be stuck with your phone all the time at an event. There are far too many experiences at such a sporting event for you to enjoy anyway. Besides, you probably spent a good deal of money getting tickets to such an event. You certainly should not have to waste that time using your phone for whatever reason while at such an event.

Be careful when using your smartphone. Make sure you avoid using it at the places listed here. You certainly don’t want to be “that guy” when it comes to using one.