Convincing parents to get you a smartphone is not an easy task, and if your timing is incorrect, then you can straight away get an answer ‘NO’ and get disappointed. It is always advisable to have a conversation with parents regarding anything (not just smartphone) when they are calm and are in a good mood. You should never approach your mother with a demand of having a smartphone when they are busy, tired or have other people around them. You should take care of the place and the atmosphere otherwise your demand will make them angry or feel humiliated in front of relatives and friends. Here we have listed a few points that you can put your parents while having a discussion regarding this topic.

1. Smartphone is Safe

It is one of the strongest reasons that you should put before your parents to convince them. Smartphones come with GPS and Map features that navigate you towards to the desired location so that you never find yourself being lost in an unknown environment. Video calling facility can help your parents to know where you are and what you are doing. Infect, video calling can be very helpful in case of any emergency and new smartphones are coming with features like a panic button that helps you to send alerts at three registered numbers immediately when you are stuck in an unfavorable situation.

2. Multitasking

Do don’t require multiple devices to send emails or messages, take pictures, listen to the music, watch videos, play games or make a phone call. Smartphone technology provides you the functions of the camera, computer, music player, messenger and a phone in a single hardware which can be kept in the pocket and carried out anywhere. Most of the smartphones nowadays are coming with 2GB or 3GB RAM, which is more than enough to run multiple apps at a time without any lag. They don’t just save your time and efforts, but also enhance your working capabilities.

3. Personal Assistance

In the month of August 2016, an Australian lady saved her one-year-old daughter’s life by using Siri, the personal digital assistant provided by Apple in iPhones. The incident clearly proves that a smartphone can do a lot more for you than your expectation. Smartphones like iPhones come, Windows Phones, and Google Pixel or Pixel XL come with digital assistants that accept voice commands and help you to get the most out of your device without any hassle. They send alerts and reminders so that you never forget any essential task, write and send emails to you and launch any application as per your choice.

4. Easy Sharing Helps you in Study

If you have an ordinary feature phone, then you cannot share notes via phone with your classmates or faculties. But if you have a smartphone, then there are multiple instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. available that allow you to take a snap of any document or notes and send it to another person within few seconds. Apps for putting up online classes never let your kids miss any important lecture and various learning apps, online dictionaries, reading apps like Amazon Kindle provide access to the content which can be proved highly useful for their studies as well as personal growth.

5. Better Pictures and Videos

Many kids have an interest in photography and some are even passionate about it, but buying them an expensive DSLR at an early age won’t be a wise decision. Instead, you can purchase a smartphone with a nice camera like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, etc. to meet their needs. We all know that there is a huge difference between the camera quality of a smartphone and a candy bar shaped feature phone so if you really care about your son or daughter’s hobby but don’t want to spend too much then the smartphone is definitely a great option.

6. You won’t Feel Jealous

We all care about our reputation and our kids also do the same. It is our responsibility they never feel inferior among their friends just because of a telephony device. Just think for a while that how your child would feel when their friends and classmates use smartphones in front of them, and they use an ordinary phone. These small things can cause huge disappointment which eventually leads to unwanted stress and affects their physical and mental growth so we should take this matter very seriously.

7. Smartphones are Less Expensive

It is hard to believe, but true that most of the time help you to save money that you knowingly or unknowingly spend for several tasks. First of all, smartphones can do a lot of things such as sharing notes and opening learning websites and applications for which you usually travel somewhere or use another device that consumes time, efforts and money. Second thing, Smartphones like iPhone have the ability to switch network automatically from cellular to Wi-Fi, which saves your data when you are present in a free Wi-Fi zone. Apart from that video calling and instant messaging services use network data, and you spend less amount compare to a regular calling and sending SMS.

What Else?

There are certain things that you can do to impress your parents so that they can rest assured that by giving a smartphone in your hands, they are not making a mistake.

9. Be Responsible

The smartphone is a delicate device, and if your parents expect you to keep it undamaged for a long time, then they are not wrong. It is a fact that most of the new smartphones are strongly built, and some of them like iPhone 7 are water resistant and come with advance security features to keep your data safe too but still it becomes your duty to handle them with care. In order to prove your parents that you are responsible enough to use a smartphone, you need to show them first that how good are you in maintaining your existing stuff. For example, you should clean your room regularly and keep your desktop computer, tablet PC, books etc. at the right place and in good condition.

10. Get Good Marks in Exams

Our parents don’t surprise us with unexpected gifts on our birthdays or Christmas only. If we do something that makes them happy, then we can get rewards on other occasions as well. What else could be better than getting good marks in exams which prove that you are focused and buying a smartphone will never distract you from your studies. Remember, your parents will never invest in something like a smartphone if you are a weak student because there is a huge possibility that instead of the work that you are supposed to do, you get involved in other things.

11. Add your contribution

It is not necessary but can make your parents feel that your a sincere kid and understand their situation. We usually don’t realize that how difficult it could be for parents to grow their kids in today’s environment. They work hard to fulfill our requirements and spend their hard earned money on things that are actually not essential to put a smile on our faces. Smartphones are expensive, and if we can save money for few months from our pocket money, then we can contribute a part of the cost and their monthly budget also won’t get affected, make sense?

Kids usually follow two methods to convince their parents, either they show anger and unhappiness, or try to convince softly with a proper logic. We should understand that stubbornness doesn’t help all the time and it is always better to act like a grown up (even if you are a minor) as it builds confidence in you. We also advise you, to be honest with yourself and ask your parents to buy you a smartphone only if you need it, not want it.