The legendary phone Nokia 3310, the ‘father’ of all phones, is all set to come back into the markets with a bang! The phone is notorious for not being a weakling and has been the center of many memes on the internet. From an everlasting battery to breaking the floor when dropped, the Nokia 3310 is still popular even today. And why shouldn’t it? The phone is not a legend in the eyes of countless people for no reason. Here are the 10 things where even the great iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 can’t beat the Nokia 3310:

1.Battery Life

While today’s phones will pass out within a day, this titan can go on and on for days on a single charge – with no sign of tiring or exhaustion. And that too with a much smaller battery. Smartphone makers have a lot to learn from this phone – especially Android. The Android is the first one to give up on its battery on a given day.

2.Booting Time

Smartphones even with their latest ‘fastboot’ features take more than 30 seconds to boot up completely and start being of any use to their owners. Even after that, one has to wait till the SIM card’s network shows up! Nokia 3310 thinks this is such a waste of valuable time and gets ready within seconds of hitting power up. Take a bow smartphones!

3. Dropping the phone

This has to be the most notorious quality of the Nokia 3310. With countless memes spread all over the internet and having seen our expensive smartphones’ screens getting shattered after just lightly falling from the table, rumours have it that the phone will not break even after falling from 10 feet. There is a greater chance of the floor cracking up instead of the phone itself.  IIt takes some guts to make such a claim.

4. Processing

Well, you can’t lag if you don’t multi-task! The biggest reason we face a lagging phone is the phone itself. If you don’t use a multi-tasking phone, it won’t lag at all. Nokia 3310 does exactly that and there will be not a single instance of a phone lag or stutter in any fashion. Problem smartphones?


5. Gets Wet in Water

Now this is one place, where our ‘father’ clearly blows all smartphones out through the roof of a 10 storey building. You drop your smartphone in water, or get it drenched in the rain – GAME OVER!! There’s no turning back. Your phone’s gone for the good. Do the same with 3310, you can dry it out with a hair dryer completely and it’s back in action!

6. Software Update

We bet your smartphone shouts for an update every few days – either an app demands it or you get a software update to upgrade your OS, sometimes costing you precious data if you don’t have wifi at home. There is no such problem with the great Nokia phone. You never have to upgrade your phone’s software. The phone will run the same software with perfect performance for decades and still remain completely useful for its owner.

7. Typing Speed

Accept it! Typing using the age old alphanumeric keypad is much more efficient and faster than the on-screen keyboard provided in your smartphone. Even with the slide to type feature, you’ll get beaten by many of the typing veterans, of the early 2000s who used to type a complete SMS in 30-40 seconds. You’ll never beat them. Even if you do, autocorrect will definitely embarrass you.

8. Life Span

Smartphones may come and go, but the Nokia will never die. It will keep running and making phone calls, remain loyal and faithful to its user till the end of time. There are countless older 3310s in the world still in picture perfect condition even after years and years of use. Our beloved smartphones either get outdated or outperformed within a couple of years becoming virtually useless eventually, thanks to ‘better’ hardware and ‘newer’ OS updates.

9. Gripping

With their super large 5+ inch screens, no one can hold a smartphone in just one hand and expect to be able to operate it with efficiency. Well guess what, Nokia 3310 is smaller than the palm of your hands and is extremely easy to operate with just one hand.


10. Losing the phone


You spend 1K+ Dirhams from your hard-earned money on the purchase of a high-end phone with top-notch specs and lose it; we can understand your pain.


You lose your Nokia 3310; Meh! I’ll get another one.

Aren’t we right? You decide for yourselves!

We have been big fans of the Nokia 3310 for a long, very long time now. We may use smartphones ourselves because they obviously out’smart’ the Nokia 3310, but we totally agree to everything we just told you. Nokia 3310 is simply unbeatable in this 10 places – at least for now!