With smartphones becoming an almost essential part of your everyday lives, it is only natural that these devices get more personal and more efficient. Gone are the days when having a responsive personal assistant meant just another fellow being. We now live in a world of high-end electronic gadgets, and this also provides us with the luxury of having digital personal assistants. From telling you about today’s temperature to how your day is planned, they know it all! And like it or not, these are here to stay. Given the amount and criticality of data that we have on our smartphones, getting some help from your device in making life even easier is only justified.

Siri is the digital personal assistant offered by Apple, that comes integrated with your iPhone and IPad. If you are not yet familiar with the concept, think of it as a voice control that is empowered to answer your queries, and understand context and relationships. This, although, very broadly classifies its use, but nevertheless, gives you an idea of what you are dealing with. Siri is more than capable of just answering your questions, or even doing things for you while keeping you informed on time, and in the right place; And she can do it in 32 languages! Here, we outline only a few things that one can expect Siri to do.

23 Things You can ask Siri to do with your iPhone & iPad

  • Using names to dial contacts – Just say the name of the contact that you want to call, and Siri will browse through your phone contacts to find and dial it. In case the contact in question has more than one number assigned to him/her, all of them are displayed on the screen, so you can quickly choose which one to dial.
  • Ask Siri for locations – Once you activate Siri, you can easily search for locations, either saved on Maps or even more conveniently, by name. From giving directions for driving as well as driving, your personal assistant finds the best route for you, also helping you avoid traffic. Additionally, Siri not only works with the built-in Maps, but also coordinates seamlessly with third party apps such as Google Maps, or anything else that you might have installed.
  • Use Siri to text contacts directly – Regardless of what way you choose to communicate, Siri makes it very convenient. In addition to dialing contacts, you can also send texts to any contact in your phone.
  • Easily read your latest email – Checking your emails might not be something very exciting using voice commands, but the concept of looking at your latest emails, on the go, and with a single statement not only saves you a lot of time but also always keeps you updated. All you need to do is say “Read my latest email”, and you’re all set! Not only that, emails can also be sent using a direct command.
  • Browsing photos and videos – Any picture or video that you take is automatically indexed by Siri, so you don’t essentially have to go into an in-depth search when looking for something specific. For example, if you are looking for pictures that you took on the December 31st party, just ask Siri to show the pictures you took on the New Year’s Eve.
  • Setting Reminders using Siri – One of the primary reasons behind having a personal assistant is to have tasks done. Use Siri not just to set reminders for important tasks, but also to create and update your list of to-dos. This feature can be seamlessly used with your Apple IPhone, IPad, and the iPod Touch.
  • Controlling music with Siri – With Siri, staying in total control of your music is immensely easy. You can play music from different genres, albums and even select your favourite artists without ever opening the app itself. This could be of great use when you’re travelling since your music will be available at your voice command.
  • Managing calendar meetings and appointments – What better than letting your personal assistant schedule and manage meetings for you, right? Well, creating a calendar appointment with Siri is way easier than creating one manually, and takes hardly a few seconds. Ask Siri for what is on your day’s agenda, or to simply move a meeting to another time slot, and you’re done!
  • Discover places in your area – Because Siri is integrated with the in-built Maps, use the feature to discover new places of interest, or just ask for suggestions. Not only can Siri help you find restaurants of your choice, but it can also take care of booking a reservation for you, doing the heavy weight-lifting stuff for you.
  • Post on social networks – Siri is empowered to seamlessly connect with Twitter, at least when it comes to tweeting something or getting in sync with what is trending on the app. However, we must mention here that not all features of Twitter are supported using Siri commands, and not all social networks share the same privilege as Twitter.
  • Downloading podcasts – You can also ask Siri to automatically download podcasts for you, at a given time, or just something that randomly interested you. Doing so, again, is way simpler when you let your digital assistant take care of it, in contrast to the number of taps and clicks you would be essentially required to do if you would have done it manually.
  • Creating, viewing and updating Notes – Given the fact that Siri is a virtual assistant, one would obviously expect the feature to have the power to interpret dictation. Siri’s sufficiently equipped and surprisingly helpful. From taking simple notes to something more complex, for example, an idea that you want to be reminded of, or a draft that you might want to work on while commuting, Siri works with Notes to offer the perfect solution.
  • Searching for apps (or any other information) – Right from finding the best free apps for your iPhone or IPad, or for trending new topics, Siri can find just about anything for you. As for now, Siri is capable of searching with Google, Yahoo or Bing, and Wolfram|Alpha for any computational questions you might have. All of this, without you having to type in anything at all!
  • Facetime your contacts – Once you activate Siri, face timing your contacts becomes easier than ever. Simply name the contact, for example, Facetime Harris. Siri would ask you whether you want to make an audio or a video call, although this can be bypassed. Nevertheless, choose video, and wait for Facetime to connect.
  • Adding books to the Library – Browse and add book titles from the Store and add them directly to the Library, thanks to Siri, without typing anything at all. Ask Siri to come up with the titles, and when you find something that suits your needs, request a download. The book is downloaded and gets added to your Library instantly.
  • Using Siri for weather forecasts – Not only does Siri make for a great digital assistant, but also doubles up as an efficient weather forecaster. Use Siri to find out the weather locally, or if you’re traveling to some other city, use Siri’s help to know what the weather is like there.
  • Check movie review, ratings and trailers – If you are a movie fan yourself, Siri is your perfect companion. Not only can you search for movies playing right now, but you can also search for their ratings and reviews. Interested to know what your favourite Star is featuring in? Siri can find that out for you too!
  • Set alarms and timers – Siri works with the in-built clock on your iPhone and IPad, so whether it is your flight you need to be reminded of or a timer, or just to let you know what time is it in the city of your concern.
  • Open apps directly via Siri – A new, cool way of opening apps is via Siri. All you would need to say is “Go to XYZ”, and Siri opens the app for you. Moreover, Sirikit allows developers to merge Siri with any other app, thus making it possible for you to book rides or movie tickets, make payments and even connect on VoIP.
  • All you would want to know about Sports – From giving you information about the upcoming games to player stats and team schedules, Siri can help you with practically everything you want to know in the Sports world.
  • Calculations – Gone are the days when you would need to open the calculator for doing simple, or even a slightly complicated maths. With Siri, doing calculations is simple. Simply voice what you are looking for, and your digital assistant makes use of the in-built Calculator app to give you the results.
  • Geolocate friends – The Find My Friend app allows you to view the location of signed-in contacts. The good news is you don’t have to manually search for your friend’s location in the app. Instead, simply ask Siri “Where is <name of your contact>”, and see the result!
  • Look for any sport, anywhere – Siri does not just work with any one sport, but whether you are interested in basketball, baseball, soccer or rugby, get all the news in one place.

Using Siri adds more convenience to our lives, although one should be careful when using it. This is because Siri can bypass PIN locks to access your contacts, and hence exercising some precaution is only essential. In most cases, Siri comes activated right out of the box, but in some, you might have to enable it explicitly. Nevertheless, use the feature to get the most out of your iPhone, or for the sheer joy of it!