HMD Global has announced that Nokia 8 will support the beta version of Android Oreo. This update will be available for Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 very soon. The HMD Global chief product officer also informed that they can install the latest Android version from the official website.

To install Android O in Nokia 8, visit the Nokia Phone beta labs page, sign up with the google account, enter the required details such as  IMEI number, the users will then get a notification within 12 hours registration. The update will be saved to your phone and to install it, go to Settings-> About Phone -> System Updates. If you feel like going back to the Nougat version, you can request it from the Nokia Beta labs page.

Android Oreo upgrade instructions

With the new upgrade, Nokia 8 users will be able to use new features like picture-in-picture, Google Play security scans and notification dots. Moreover, the upgrade also potentially improves battery performance, boots up your phone faster and improved Bluetooth audio performance. Another cool feature introduced in Android Oreo was the Instant Apps feature, which gives the liberty to the users to select the functionality of the apps they would like to use instead of installing the whole application. Other features introduced were notification dots and autofill passwords.

The notification you get once Android Oreo is installed in your Nokia 8 phone

Nokia 8 has done fairly well in the market. The performance is compared to that of Google’s Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8. The 5.3inch phone sports a 2K resolution display having 4GB of RAM which runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU. Nokia 8 has also a new feature called “bothie” which allows you to click photos and shot videos from the front and rear camera, simultaneously. The Nokia 8 and Android Oreo seems to be a perfect combination and we can’t wait for the release of its full version!

On the other news, the mid-range smartphones such as Nokia 3 will soon receive Android Nougat 7.1.2 update. As the Nokia 3 drives on MediaTek processor, there is a slight delay in getting the updated drivers. Nokia would require more time to complete their testing. The other devices that are currently running on the Android Oreo are mostly the Nexus and Pixel’s device. It is rumoured that Sony Xperia XZ Premium phones might run the Android 8.0 even before the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy. Note 8.

Nokia 8
Beta Version of Android Oreo on Nokia 8

One must remember that Nokia 8 devices will be getting the beta version of Oreo. There might be a lot of bugs that need to be rectified as it’s not the finished version of Android 8. But our reliable sources suggest that the full version will be available very soon.

There was a time the Finnish company was king of the mobile phone makers and HMD global believes Nokia can reach where they were before. HMD has a lot of faith in cashing in for Nokia Android phones although it is a Microsoft company. Introducing the latest Android version for Nokia 8 will surely give a wake-up call for the other big brands in the market.