Android OS, the world’s favorite operating system by user review and the volume of sales that the phones generate, is under talk every second all over the world. Every second, in some part of the world or the other, somewhere, someone is talking about the smartphone OS. Their latest version, Android v8.0 is about to be released for the world very soon, and yet there have been no statements from Google Inc. on what the latest OS will be named. In the wake of the most recent news, we have received latest rumours and leaks from a Reddit thread, which says that the latest Android version 8.0 has been named ‘Octopus!’

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The name comes as a surprise as Octopus is not a dessert. Google had set a trend of naming its previous operating systems after names of famous desserts. Naming it Octopus will be like breaking the pattern. Be informed that even though octopuses apparently don’t tickle the tongues of those with a sweet tooth, they are still regarded as edible sea-food all over the world. Many people all over the world enjoy eating octopuses as a revered dish.

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Another explanation that we can think of is that the name ‘Octopus’ symbolises a creature with ‘eight legs’ – ‘Okto’ meaning Eight and ‘poús’ meaning foot. And since the company is launching the version Android 8.0, the word octopus also aptly fits the naming. The creative team at Google is surely active and thinking of way out-of-the-box.

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We had been digging into the names list and had come across some obvious and some really wacky names that Google could give to their latest creation, and our personal favourites were ‘Oreo’ and ‘Oatmeal Cookie.’ Both of them are famous all over the world, are desserts and were fit to be used as names. Also, in the case of Oreo, Google might have repeated the feat they had achieved with Android v4.4 KitKat. The OS had garnered best sales for Google three years ago. They had partnered with Nestle, and Hershey’s (in the US) and all of them had benefitted very well from the agreement.

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Image appears to be brokenThe next OS is set to bring some very strong changes to the user experience as well as for the developers. The next version is being said to be focussing on the developer’s community. Under the hood, there will be options for using fonts with XML support. Google will be making fonts are full-fledged resource type. Also, major changes in the APIs are also expected regarding Java support, hardware connectivity, autofill, etc. On the UI part, we are expecting customisable notification area, adaptive icons, and picture in picture support for applications. Android v7.0 Nougat already has a split-screen option. The PiP feature will take the user experience to an altogether new level. The first phones to get the update will be Nexus devices, Google Pixel and Pixel XL and will be released for other Android devices eventually. Be whatever, if the rumours are to be believed, we will get to see an OS named ‘Octopus’ very soon.

Maybe we all have been wrong about the desserts trend all the way long, or maybe Google has finally decided to break the trend. Or maybe even the news is not accurate entirely. However, the images that we saw are convincing enough. Since Google hasn’t made any official statement yet, we might still have to call it a rumour. We will soon get to witness the curtains being lifted.