Apple Inc., arguably the most famous and loved mobile phone brand in the world constantly aims at bringing more and more engaging world-class products now and then; changing the entire game keeping competitors on their toes. Apple has always created a sensation, that too a long lasting one with the iPod, iPad, iPhone; anything Apple brings is always top class and noteworthy.

Although the Apple watch did garner attention, it wasn’t what Apple expected and was sub-par by Apple’s standards. Keeping that in view, they’re now trying out their luck with the Airpods. Apple is putting high hopes on their latest product expecting to change the way we interact with our beloved devices.

Airpods are the latest outing from Apple, being regular earpods, with one difference – they’re wireless. You can now enjoy high-quality music from your iPhone or iPad without having to worry about the wires tangling around our body. On a full charge, the Airpods can run music for up to 6 hours at a stretch. The case provided with the Airpods also acts as its charging dock. Just 15 minutes in the case, and your good to go again. The case itself can be charged using a cable and can be used a portable charger for your Airpods.

The Airpods are sure set to change the way we interact with our devices. It is very easy to pair them up with your phone or pad via Bluetooth. You can listen to some very high-quality music with clean bass drops on the Airpod. But that’s not all these earphones can do. Just tap the right pod, and you can start a conversation with Siri. You could be in one room with your phone in another; still, you could ask your phone to play songs for you, or make a google search; all without even touching the phone. Moreover, you can take a call with just another tap on the pod. Cutting the ambient noises, conversation simply cannot be a problem using the Airpods. The mic on the Airpods faces down towards the wearer’s mouth so that it becomes easy to hear even for the person on the other side.

But, every device has its drawbacks. You may very well lose one of the Airpods, although it is not very easily that they would simply fall off your ears; losing one of them would surely break your heart, and maybe you’ll just have to go and get another pair. Another thing about them is that they are clearly visible from a distance into the wearer’s ears. If you dislike unwanted attention, you’d rather not wear them in public. Also, one would prefer straightaway using the volume buttons or the phone’s touch panel to adjust the volume, asking Siri to do that for you every time seems a bit outstretched.

In our opinion, the Airpods are a must-buy-item for Siri lovers. We feel these pods are little too ahead of their time. Sure, they are useful and are indeed designed to make our lives more comfortable, but the world can live well without them, for now. Guess, it’s not yet time to move on from wired pods.