Apple Inc. makes arguably the best smartphones in the world. All Apple mobiles are crafted with elegance, finesse and are designed to perform throughout their life, unlike Android, which has been numerously reported to slow down eventually, thanks to the GC system in Java. iPhones don’t slow down even after years of use. The latest entrant in the trade is the iPhone 8 – a phone that has been teasing the audience, fans and customers for quite some time now. We received another news that there’s going to be another feature on the phone that would not only add to the utility factor of the phone on the software part but will be a great addition to the phone’s confirmed-but-still-rumoured cameras.

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iPhone 8 Concept Render

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus, with its dual-cameras, had created a lot of hype and set the trend where every company is now employing the feature in their phones. Thanks to the patent laws, Apple couldn’t get the feature patented as stereo cameras have been in existence for quite a long time now. Since Apple, almost every manufacturer, be it Huawei, Asus, Vivo, OnePlus, even Samsung have brought in the dual-cameras on their devices (we’re talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 8). This is the next big trend after fingerprint scanner phones had become mainstream.

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The rumours have stated that the next iPhone, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are going to sport dual-cameras that will offer great photography experience. Apple’s cameras have always been very good, and have stayed true to their promise of splendid photos. The next phones have been tipped to be given the SmartCam feature for photography enhancement. This will be an addition to the already present AF feature, where the camera will fine tune the settings to suit the scene being shot. i.e. the exposure, shutter speed, white balance, etc. will be automatically fine tuned by the camera to take the perfect shot.

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iPhone 8 Vertical Camera

Also, the feature will help the camera to detect the eyes of the owner; the phone is already rumoured to have the iris scanning technology. Apart from that, we are in for a visual treat with the bezel less display, and a 2.5D curved form-factor architecture on the phone. Under the hood, the iPhone 8 will have the A11 Quad-Core chipset from Apple, with 3GB RAM, AR integration among other important features. As far as the fingerprint scanner is concerned, it was earlier tipped to be placed beneath the OLED panel, but Apple seems to be finding trouble with that.

Apple iPhone 8 in Dubai, UAE

Nonetheless, the phone is apparently already in the mass production stage and will be revealed around September, and come to the UAE markets around October in full scale. Let’s wait until then.