Apple Inc., world’s most widely known smartphone manufacturing company is set to bring in the next iPhone in September 2017- the iPhone 8. Apple Inc. will launch three iPhones – two will be the proprietary upgrades of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and one will be a premium version. The premium version of the iPhone 8 is said to incorporate an OLED display while the other two will be simply better versions of the already great iPhone 7.

We heard rumours that all three of the iPhone 8 that will be launched this year will support wireless charging – something that might be a negative trait considering the overheating problem faced by devices supporting wireless charging. Apple might decide to use an extra layer of graphite sheet to counter this problem, especially in the iPhone 8 with OLED display.

All the three iPhones to be launched will sport a glass black and a stainless steel side body. However, the most salient feature of the new iPhone would the installation of an iris scanner, something that was used in the Samsung galaxy Note 7. Samsung had used an iris scanner for the first time in a device, and the device turned into a fiasco. While people may call it jinxed Apple is all set to use it in its new iPhones. Iris scanner will provide a yet another layer of security to the iPhones. All these features are also expected to drive the prices of the iPhone 8 by a much as 50%, according to the rumours.

The new iPhone will also incorporate a better 3D Touch interface coupled with OLED display. These two features would cause every iPhone fan to ignore all pricing hikes and simply go get the new iPhone 8. Along with 3D touch, we’re anticipating a new ‘3D Sensing’ technology that will recognise certain facial features and gestures.

Looking at all these rumours, it is very much possible that they turn out to be true. We have even more reason to believe in that after the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks. Apple is sure to leave no stone unturned in keeping the competition alive and go all out in ensuring it always comes out in the top as undefeated champion of the smartphone segment always.