Smartphones are a great invention that changed the entire way of our lives. Everything that was once impossible without a full-fledged computer is now possible at your fingertips. With more and more advancement in technology and people wanting to save their time, major and radical changes are being incorporated in the device technology, and more and more manufacturers are entering the market with better ideas to manufacture more versatile, faster, power efficient phones for their customers.

2017 saw the beginning with the Mobile World Congress where every manufacturer showcases their devices and more often than not, launches their phones at this platform. Many phones were announced and more rumours than phones began surfacing post that. Just like every year, 2017 has some great phones in line to be launched sooner or later. We have prepared a list of the phones that are expected to come this year, for every budget segment.

Please note that the features that we’re telling are expected ones and are based on what information we could extract. Also, since most companies choose to stay mum until the day of the launch of the phone, the exact configuration may turn out to be different.

Here we go:

Best Upcoming Phones in 2017

Flagship Segment Phones

The Elite class sees the best of the best devices enter it and are priced very high. Only the best phones can stay here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

No, it is not going to repeat what happened with Note 7. Also, it is going to be different from the Galaxy S8, although it will share similar looks.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Main Features

  • A Fingerprint Scanner on the Front Panel
  • Latest OS – Android v8.0
  • First Foldable phablet ever
  • Improved S Pen features
  • QHD+ Infinity Display

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone series remains the most popular device range and still continues to be one. The iPhone 8 will be better than all the iPhones till date and will even feature an OLED display.
iPhone 8
Main Features

  • Latest Apple OS – the iOS 11
  • Wireless Charging Support
  • Support for the Apple Pencil
  • Stainless steel and glass body
  • Augmented Reality & 3D functionality

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel found some great reviews from critics. Though it is yet to find immense success, the phone definitely is capable of some great stock Android experience. Google is high on motivation spirit and is currently developing the Google Pixel 2.
Google Pixel 2
Main Features

  • First Ever Device with Android 8.0
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Wireless Charging Support
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 Technology
  • Daydream VR


Premium Device Segment Phones

If you’re looking for great performance and better prices than flagships, this is the place you look at. The premium device segment may not boast of best in the world hardware etc. but the phones in this segment are sure to keep their customers more than just satisfied.

OnePlus 5

Why OnePlus ditched the number 4 is another story, but the features that they’ll be pitching in are definitely astounding. We’re expecting the OnePlus 5 to be yet another flagship killer.
OnePlus 5
Main Features

  • Dual Rear Camera and Metal Body
  • Curved Display
  • Whopping 8GB RAM
  • Super Powerful Camera
  • Flagship Killer Price

Nokia 8

Considered a younger sibling of the Nokia 9, Nokia’s flagship device. Although Nokia 9 couldn’t make it to our list in the flagship segment, Nokia 8 is definitely amongst the best in its class.
Nokia 8
Main Features

  • Impressive Dual-camera
  • Superfast Fingerprint Scanner
  • IP68 Water & Dust Protection
  • Ultra-High Res Camera
  • Virtually Everlasting Battery

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Mi Mix is one beautiful device with its bezel-less display and ceramic body. The Mi Mix 2 will be a greater device with the same abilities taken to an altogether new level.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Main Features

  • Customize Everything with MIUI 9
  • Bezel-less Display for Premium Looks
  • Wireless Charging
  • AAC Technology for Extraordinary Audio
  • Scratch-Proof Ceramic Body


Budget Phones

The budget segment waters down the configuration, but is surely enough for you to get a decent Android experience. Never falling short of performance, every phone is friends with your pockets.

Samsung Z4

There is a reason why Samsung is the king of the jungle. There’s a phone from them in every segment. Every Samsung device is fit for a place in the best phones’ list.
Samsung Z4
Main Features

  • Samsung’s OS – The Tizen 3.0
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • Selfie Camera Flash
  • S-Bike Mode
  • A Very Colourful Phone

Redmi Note 5

Not a long while since Redmi Note 4 has been here and Xiaomi is already planning Redmi Note 5. Well, it seems like they’re never satisfied and always want to progress.
Redmi Note 5
Main Features

  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • Customize it All With MIUI 9
  • Strong Wifi Integration
  • Big RAM for a Small Price
  • Biggest Screen in the Segment

Nokia C1

Nokia is back and there’s no stopping this storm. With great hardware abilities and robust configuration, powered by Android, the Nokia C1 will be a great phone and pocket-friendly too.
Nokia C1
Main Features

  • Choose your OS – Windows or Android
  • Friendly For Your Pocket
  • FHD Display
  • Latest Android v8.0
  • Premium Build Quality

The world will keep receiving ever powerful devices for the years to come and we, as the customers are the ones going to benefit from this. For now, these are the best phones that, according to us, are the best upcoming phones for the year 2017, for every budget out there. Although many of their features haven’t been made official by the companies themselves yet, we’re expecting them to become official without any difference.