Just like Google Assistant and Siri, the Samsung Bixby comes with touch or voice command functionality. In Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Bixby button is located on the left side, right below the volume keys. These smartphones are the first device to preload this intelligent Bixby physical button to it. The Bixby is “Anything you can do with touch on the phone, you can do with voice”. With Bixby, you can control all of your phone settings with your voice.

Different simple ways can access the Bixby.

  • On the left side of the Galaxy S8, just below the volume buttons is a dedicated Bixby button.
  • A quick press of the button to launch Bixby and give a command, or long-press to open Bixby Home.
  • The third and most of the time usable method to access Bixby is through the camera app. You can also operate Bixby using your voice, with the wake phrase of “Bixby.”

Features Controlled by Bixby

Controls your Phone Settings

Increase the brightness: The users can efficiently increase the brightness using your voice to interact with Bixby. To operate for brightness settings, use commands as “Set screen brightness to 50 percent and show photo that has selected for brightness settings.”

Take a screenshot: Samsung Bixby can also take screenshots. You can take a screenshot and send it as an attachment in a text message using Bixby.

Take a selfie: With your voice, you can easily take a selfie. It will accept the command and will take the selfie for you.

Create/Modify and Open Your Camera Gallery

The users can open the gallery and searching for the photos simply with Bixby command to show photos from gallery. For showing images, say “Show gallery photos from USA”, or “Show gallery photos of my pet”. With Bixby, you can even create a new album with your voice, without opening the gallery app, by saying “create an album London”.

Get Personalised info

The users can also get the personalized information cards like weather, news, step count, calendar, reminders, Youtube Video from Bixby in samsung smartphones.

Get cards from third-party apps

Not only the personalized info you get from the app itself, but users can also get cards from third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter. These cards can include info about the weather, an upcoming football match, or an update regarding the prices your favourite stock – from twitter, facebook or google or Bixby itself.

Bixby Vision via Camera

Bixby works in a very similar manner as Google or the Amazon looking app. In this, you’ll open the camera app, take the camera in front of product and hit the Bixby vision button. By this Bixby can basically establish regardless of the camera is pointed at, with choices conferred looking on what it sees, giving to spot text, place, image, or shopping choices.

Samsung has announced that Bixby will soon integrated with many apps. Currently, the Bixby in Samsung supports 10 native apps. As of now, Bixby work with the Internet, Phone, Gallery, Messages, Camera, Reminder, Contacts, Setting, Bixby, and the Weather.

Bixby is additionally deeply integrated into native apps just like the Camera. Bixby understands what the user sees within the Camera app thus it will offer data concerning any landmarks, show places to eat and drink around that landmark and make you to buy online by scanning a barcode.

Convenient Reminder

Moreover, Bixby organizes cards based on your location and time. In the morning, you will receive reminders like weather, news, and meetings, and in the night you will get cards, or we can say reminders like your upcoming alarm and step count for the day.

Bixby Home

Display most contextually relevant apps and services on a single screen. It also provides a seamless look to all activities across the Galaxy S8 smartphone. One can customized cards based on user behavior and trends. The user can also have access point for voice, image, and reminders. The Bixby home is a central entry point for every application that can handle by Bixby.

Control Samsung Dex

Samsung DexWith Samsung Dex, you can control your PC from your phone. To start using DeX, simply connect the Samsung model into the DeX station that further connect the station to an HDMI monitor. We can also make a connection with the use of Bluetooth, or computer connecting devices.

Google Play Music

It’s also integrated with Google Play Music so it can stream songs from that service and even remind you when a new album lands on Google Play Music so that you can buy that music. You can also store the music for playback facility.

Samsung Connect

Bixby can connect your Galaxy to any of the smart-enabled devices in your home. You can then connect to them using your phone and even control them with just your voice. You tell Bixby to do that for you, Bixby does right away, as simple as that. You can control Samsung Smart TV, lights, schedule and alarm your arrival.

Bixby can even connect automatically to your devices when you come home

Bixby understands natural languageBixby can interpret naturally spoken words, within which users don’t ought to speak a set of phrases or commands to require action. Natural Language recognition has been key to the increase of Amazon’s digital assistant and has currently become a key part of the fashionable AI. Bixby at first is launched with support for 2 languages: Korean and English with Samsung speech.

Collaborate Standalone Applications

The Bixby is also linked closely to shopping. The users can capture an image of a product for which they are searching and post it on Pinterest. Pinterest is partnering with Samsung. The users can also take a picture of a product and check pricing, shop, or see recommendations from sites of retail partners. The users can directly take pictures for which they want to buy. If you’d love to have a vase similar to the one you saw at a friend’s house, all you need to do is take a snap and ask Bixby to search for it online.

If you’re out for a picnic, all you have to do is take a picture of the place and Bixby will give you all the info related you need.

Samsung provides an associate example of Bixby that has the ability to take an image of text and translate it into completely different languages. Bixby supports fifty two languages, however, the service isn’t supported Samsung’s native technology. Instead, the corporate employing a partner to supply this service.

Something for Tomorrow

Bixby is ready to help you. But it is still learning new languages. Further development of the Bixby project is under development and soon new updates with more features will be brought for the users. Although Bixby is accessible in only two languages, soon it will be made available in all the major languages of the world.

Also another feature named Bixby pay will connect to your bank account or your credit card so that you can make a payment directly and securely without having to swipe a card.

Although still evolving and growing up, the Bixby is all set to make your lives even more easier with its amazing features. Galaxy S8 will soon come to market with this exciting new virtual AI assistant.