We are now sure that a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is under development and we’ll be able to see the phablet being launched in the markets soon enough. The device is currently high on everyone’s preferred topics of discussion, primarily due to the fact that Samsung is under high pressure of expectations from their loyal fans who decided to stay with Samsung despite the burning battery fiasco.

We had recently released an article covering the schematics of the phone/tablet and have been following up on all updates on the device since then. After a lot of research, we have been able to find out what the world is expecting from the Note 8. Here are some features that are expected from the latest Samsung premium phablet:

  • Better and Enhanced Security Features

    The device is expected to be better at not just encrypting your data when sent or received, but will also make your device even more difficult for anyone to unlock without your permission.

    • Fingerprint Scanner: Faster and more sensitive than ever
    • Face Recognition: A smart front cam of a smart device that knows your face
    • Iris Scanner: Not just your face, your device will even remember your eyes.
    • Pattern: the age-old and still a common method used locking method for every phone.
    • Password: What better than the ‘good ol’ password’ protection?
  • ‘Infinity’ Display 

    The Infinity display is one of the trademark features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8+. The same feature will be incorporated in the Note 8, and we will get to see an even bigger device with the awesome display that is sure to give an immersive experience.

  • A Dual-Lens Camera

    It’s going to be either Note 8 or the Galaxy C10, which will get to become the first Samsung device to host a dual-lens camera. But whoever that may be, we’re sure to get to capture great and mesmerising images from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • Super Stereo

    With ever better audio technologies being brought in, you can be sure to have a great audio experience, be it listening to music, or talking on a call. Connect your device to headphones, or a 10.1 surround sound system, the Note 8 will be compatible with all audio systems.

  • Improved S-Pen

    Samsung keeps getting better and better with their S-Pens with every outing. Here’s what you can do with the ever better S-Pen

    • Make Animated GIFs
    • It works Like an actual Pen
    • Take Notes – Anytime, Anywhere even on a locked screen
    • Use it Slide Button
  • Bigger & Safer Battery

    After the Jynx, Samsung has learned from and is apparently working harder than ever to develop a battery that wouldn’t get heated while charging fast; and of course wouldn’t burn itself down. No more exploding devices.

  • Samsung Bixby

    With a virtual assistant by your side, that understands you and evolves with you, you can get everything in your life done with ease and without a hassle. Make payments without having to worry about the cash, or search for that bike you just saw by just pointing your phone’s camera at it, your virtual assistant is always with you.

  • Loads of Memory

    A device that remembers everything in the present, a device that remembers everything from the past for the future. With a never ending RAM and a never ending storage, you can rely on the Note 8 to keep everything, from movies to music and from files to folders to stay with you in your pocket.

Although these are just the expected features from the device, they are very much practical and can be incorporated by Samsung. So expecting them may not be a foolish endeavour. Also, all Note devices so far have been at par with the S-series, why should this one stay back? We’re sure Samsung will fulfil the expectations of its loyal fans and will bring a Galaxy Note 8 that will steal people’s hearts right away.