Samsung Mobiles is the top mobile phone manufacturer by the virtue of the customer care they follow. It’s not just in terms of service, but also in terms of the utility that their phones offer. As of late, many people had complained that they were unable to the disable Bixby button in their phones. As a result, many times, they accidentally pressed the button and activated Bixby; sometimes Bixby would pop up right from the pockets. Samsung has now addressed the issue and has started rolling out an update. This update would let users disable Bixby button so that they can access the virtual AI assistant at their discretion.

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The news is fresh and the updates should begin rolling within a week, said an employee from Samsung Gulf Electronics. The company had launched the virtual assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in March. Initially, the software had no voice support, and hence the issue wasn’t as prominent. Even if Bixby was activated accidentally, it was rare that something meaningful could be typed by the users, and even more rare to cause any embarrassment or damage. But with the new voice support, activating Bixby accidentally will cause the search pattern to be changed as well. Bixby has been designed to evolve over time using the deep learning algorithm. Accessing Bixby accidentally can cause it to learn things you don’t want it to learn.

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As of now, users should feel relieved that they can disable Bixby button in their phones and avoid accidentally activating the app. This will save a lot of battery too. So far, Bixby has been helpful to customers. Without voice support and limitation to only two languages was a drawback too. Voice support was rolled out in June in beta form, and now is being slowly released in every country of the world. Most of the Samsung phones in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi have also received voice updates. Samsung had earlier said that the voice support is being developed for 18 languages including Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Tamil etc.

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The dedicated Bixby button that sits on the side of the phone, can now be disabled.

While the decision to disable Bixby button in Galaxy S8 and Note 8 is highly welcome, our opinion is that something more should be available to be done with that button. Simply disabling that button will make it a white elephant. Samsung should make it more useful. They can make it programmable, or even assign to another, more useful app. On the other hand, it is also possible that the access comes from other ways, such as

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Let’s see if we’re not the only ones who are thinking on the same lines and any other people want it too. For now, the option to disable Bixby button in Samsung is a welcome move from the company.