If rumours are to be believed, we are probably looking at another possible breakthrough in smartphone technology. In the wake of latest rumours, we have encountered a possible flexible display in Samsung Galaxy X. The phone is highly rumoured and has apparently been sent to TENAA for certifications. Apart from that, the next phone has already received a certain few certifications from Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), for a model number SM-G888N0 from Samsung Electronics. The model from Samsung reportedly has been tagged as a communication module for advanced LTE comms. Since LTE is essentially 4G technology, there is a very high chance that this is a phone indeed.

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An artist’s imagination of a tablet from Samsung with a flexible display.

We already know that Samsung has been working on new and new technologies for a very long time now. Also, it was previously known that they’re working on a foldable display. Since this year has already shown a lot of smartphones including dual-cameras in their devices, the next year could very well bring about another innovation. As far as our speculation goes, this should come in the form of bendable/flexible displays. A foldable display would mean that you’d now be able to make a compact phone with a large screen. In short, the phone would be small enough to fit in your palms; at the same time, would have a screen that will be at least 5-inches wide.

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The reason we believe that a phone with a bendable could arrive next year is that it has been four years since Samsung had shown a prototype model with a bendable display. The device was named Youm and Samsung’s employees had proudly shown off their skills with a working prototype. It was back in 2013 that the Youm was put up for a show. Also, after fingerprint scanner, the next breakthrough came in the form of a dual-camera setup. The trend has picked up and almost every phone maker is releasing at least one model with a dual camera setup. If all goes well, we may see a Samsung Galaxy X next year with a bendable display.

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The infinity display in Samsung Galaxy S8 is marvelous in itself.

So far, the only thing that’s confirmed about the phone is that there’s going to be a flexible display in Samsung Galaxy X. Most probably it will be a Super AMOLED display. Since OLED panels are suitable for creating a flexible display, it is a viable choice. Also, since the technology is cutting-edge, there is no chance Samsung will employ any inferior hardware to support it. So, it is highly likely Samsung will install a chipset later than the SnapDragon 835/Exynos 8895 in it. RAM and storage will be at par too.

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LG’s attempt at making a flexible display.

But Samsung isn’t the only company that’s trying out their luck with the tech. LG too had recently shown a bendable display that was 77-inch wide! Also, there were weak rumours recently saying Apple was trying to get a flexible display on the iPhone too.

So far, that’s the only information we could lay our hands on. More will be revealed about the phone soon enough. Since this is just the beginning of the rumours, take this news with a pinch of salt. We’ll surely see next set of rumours in a short time. Till then, stay tuned.