Foldable smartphones are all set to make their debut in the smartphone industry. If we look into the smartphone industry it has evolved from producing heavy phones in the 1990s to now very sleek and light smartphones with multifold improvement in terms of specs.

These companies have worked on every parameter of the phone like phone size, camera, battery capacity, network, screens etc. and has upgraded every possible parameter or element to get the best output and to be able to survive the stiff competition.

Now the latest revolution ready to hit the market is the flexibility of the smartphone. These companies are trying to make every part flexible that is included in a smartphone (battery, motherboard, ram, and screen) to make whole mobile flexible that could be the easily folded.

The article will take you through the companies which are going to launch the foldable smartphones in near future and their specs.

Samsung Galaxy X

We are expecting that Samsung is going to launch Foldable smartphones with great screen specifications. The expected name of the phone is Samsung Galaxy X. It has already received the Go-Ahead certificate from the National Radio Research in South Korea. We expect the phone to be compatible with 5G and will support the 4K display. It will have advanced features like biometric authentication which will enable fingerprint, face and palm detections possible. The screen will be OLED and will be flexible and foldable. The company is expected to launch a few number of phones in the beginning as a pilot project and later-on shifting to large-scale manufacture

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ZTE Axon M

The Chinese mobile company ZTE has launched a smartphone with the foldable dual screen in a tie-up with AT &T network operator in the US and in some other countries. It also has plans to expand in markets like Europe, Japan, and China. It has two 5.2 inch screen and when unfolded it takes the size of the tablet screen. The foldable screen gives a lot of amazing features.

Modes Involved

Dual mode: It has dual mode features with which we can open two or more apps on each screen or open different apps on each screen.

Extension mode: With the screen extended into a screen like that of tablet, one can really enjoy playing games and watching videos

Mirror mode: We can see the same content on both screens when it is folded and hence enables 360-degree view of the same content

Traditional mode: User can use the device to fold its screen and can use as an existing smartphone.

It has 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage capacity. It has one camera of 20 MP and it is powered by Android 7.12 Nougat. Its battery capacity is 3180 Mah with a dash-charging feature. It has Snapdragon 821 SOC Processor.


Lenovo has also unveiled one of the foldable smartphones as Folio which was showcased last year at Lenovo tech world event.It has two screens of 5.5 inches which when unfolded gets converted to a tablet of 7.8 inches. This device cab is used both as a tablet and a smartphone. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 800 processor with 1920×1440 screen resolution. The company has not mentioned the price of the device as of yet but will surely be higher than the existing Lenovo smartphones.

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This company is also planning to launch its foldable smartphone in 2018. In CNET interview Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu has announced that they are also working on the device with the foldable feature. The work on that device is still going on to improve the screen and to make it more flexible and to make it better in terms of design. Because that phone has two screens with a small gap, the company is trying to get rid of that gap to make screen phone flexible and better.


LG is also working to produce its own flexible and foldable smartphones. It already has registered display patents in South Korea.

LG has also started producing printed circuit boards for its device. It is expected that LG foldable device can be folded and closed one behind the other which will enable the device to become a smaller screen smartphone. The rear camera will be set-up at the back to take a selfie.

When the parts are unfolded it will become a tablet equivalent and can be used to play video games or for watching videos.

Apple is also looking to leverage LG’s capability of producing high-quality foldable screens and has done a strategic tie-up for the same.


When are so many players ready to hit the market how can Apple be so far behind in the race? Apple already has a strategic tie-up with LG in place so that the latter would provide the required foldable display. For this purpose, Apple is investing US$2.6 billion in one of the LG’s plant. We all know the capability of apple that it would bring the best product in the market.

It is expected that company will launch its new foldable smartphone device by 2020.