Smartphones have revolutionised our world completely and have totally changed the way we live our lives. Every task that was done with PCs has now shifted to smartphones – including office and excel files management. You can now work on your latest assignment while sitting in the back seat of your cab on your way to the office and by the time you there, you’ll have your presentation or your report ready.

Smartphones have penetrated so deeply into our lives, that for most of the people in the world, it is impossible to even imagine a life without having one in their hands. We depend upon our phones so much that 5 minutes of disconnection can make us really nervous. For the good or the bad, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

Just how much addicted have we become to our smartphones? We have some statistics with us that we wish to share with you. Take a look at them and decide for yourselves whether you want to do more with your phone or it is time to get a little bit away from it?

The popularity of the OS

Android is the most popular choice of smartphones when it comes to purchasing one. 81.7% of all the world’s smartphones run on the Android OS.

Android is followed by iOS at 17.9%. This is attributed to Apple Inc. as they are the only ones with the rights to run that OS on their phones. Part of android’s success is attributed to the fact that they are available for every brand. iOS is available in only iPhones. Regarding brands numbers, the iOS beats any single brand.

Windows didn’t gather much success despite their robust OS and coding. The OS had everything a user could need. It just somehow failed to garner enough users’ attention. Currently, there are only 0.3% windows phones in the world.

Other operating systems like Symbian, Blackberry OS, Java didn’t find success, partly due to faulty coding, partly due to improper marketing, etc. Just 0.1% of all the phones in the world run on other operating systems.

Frequency of Checking a Phone

Do you check your phone every 5 minutes? Do you find it hard to stay away from your phone for long? Do you constantly get the feeling that there might be someone trying to contact you?

Well, you aren’t alone.

The global average states that people check their phones, for any apparent reason upto 110 times a day. The frequency of checking the phone for a notification or a message or just the time is around 9 per hour. This increases to upto every 6 seconds during the evening/peak hours.

We are so habituated to our phones that we just can’t stay put without touching the phone for even 5 minutes. While this may be necessary while working, it does become a bad habit eventually – for reasons we all know.

More & More Smartphones are being sold every quarter

Smartphones are useful to keep connected to the world constantly. And more people are buying more smartphones now. The last quarter of 2016 saw 432 million smartphones being sold globally. Of these 352 million ran Android, 77 million ran iOS, and some 1 Million ran Windows. The number is expected to only increase by the day, as more and more phones are being produced at lesser prices, bringing the ones with low income under its umbrella too. The ones with a comfortable income and busy lives have begun keeping 2 or even more phones now.

Things people do with their phones

Most people purchase a phone for messaging. With Whatsapp being the global favourite, other apps like WeChat, Hike, Allo, Hangouts, etc. are popular too. People spend up to 2 hours daily over 23 times, everyday to send and receive messages and chat.

The second rank is of phone calls – well that’s what the phone is meant for. People make and take calls up to 22 times everyday with varying times.

Rank 3 is pretty amusing. People open their phones to check notifications and spend at least a minute every time on their phone once they open it up to 18 times a day.

Apart from that, people spend most of the time surfing the web with around 24% of their total mobile time dedicated to surfing different sites, closely followed by apps.

More Young people own smartphones

According to the stats we collected, more young people in the world own smartphones as compared to older people.

We found that out of all the world’s people aged between 18-24 who have a phone, 98% have a smartphone.

The same, for people aged 25-34 is 97%, while older people aren’t much behind 96% people aged 35-44 own a smartphone.

Top Applications for smartphones

Smartphones run on applications for every kind of task. There is at least one app for every type of activity you might want to do with your phone. Be it a game, or emails, or socialisation etc. in 2016, these applications were spotted on most number of mobile phones, making them the top 10 applications of 2016. We are sure you must’ve downloaded these apps some day on your phone.

Here goes the list:

  • Amazon App
  • Apple Music
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Google Play
  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook

While many of us have definitely downloaded and installed these applications, some come preloaded on the phone; most continue to use them throughout their daily lives nonetheless.

Smartphones are definitely an integral part of our lives now and are changing the way we see the world around us. The invention of the internet brought the world closer – smartphones are shrinking it. For the good or the bad, smartphones are here to stay.