Apple unveiled iOS 11 in the recent Worldwide Developers Conference and there were a bunch of new features introduced for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is a huge upgrade for iPad as it can become an ideal replacement for laptop users for some people. The iOS 11 has opened the doors for introducing augmented reality in games and other applications. This Operating System can take the iPhone and iPad to the next level which no one has seen it before. We have encapsulated all the new features of iOS in this blog to keep you updated

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Control Center And Notifications

Image appears to be brokenNotifications and the Lock Screen have now been combined to one screen. The Control Center has been completely redesigned and can be more customisable too. What’s really cool about this upgrade is that it displays all the features in one page. What’s more convenient in this Control Center is the 3D touch which allows accessing more features.

Augmented Reality: The Future is Here

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The coolest feature that we have been waiting for years is the introduction of AR in phones and tablets. Well, wait no more because iOS 11 is bringing life to AR technology. Interacting with virtual objects to the real world. With the help of ARkit, we will be able to place virtual items into the real world using the camera on either iPhone or iPad.

Upgrade on Camera Application

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Thanks to the new compression technology, videos will consume lesser space. So, with more space, you can capture more memories. More awesome features are going to be introduced like looping photos to make a video, editing live photos(portrait mode) and more. This is surely the better thing to do as most manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus and Sony are installing better cameras for sales. 

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App Store Redesigned

The App Store in iOS11 is one of the biggest upgrades. Clicking on the App Store will navigate you to the Today tab where you can see details of the installed application in the form of an article. The next tab, you will see a tab dedicated to Games which is broken down into different sections namely Featured Games, Games we Love that we love, Top Paid, Top Free and Categories. installed The next tab in the App Store is “Apps” which list down the non-games apps.      

More Natural, intelligent and witty ol’ Siri

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The most notable upgrade in the new Siri is the new voice. It sounds more natural than it did before and it feels like talking to a person. Siri has a new feature that allows you to translate whatever you say into French, German, Italian, Chinese or Spanish. Thanks to the research and development team at Apple Inc., Siri can understand the genre of music you regularly listen to and would play the songs of the same genre whenever you ask. Apple will also launch Sirikit for the developers to enable Siri to other apps.

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The More Interactive Apple Pay

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With the new upgrade, you can pay your friends using your Touch ID you owe via iMessage. You can also make bank transfers and even buy stuff. With this amazing new feature, It makes your life much simpler, isn’t it?

Drag and Drop in iPad

The app dock has more space for apps and you can open an app just by pulling the application from the doc. Once you open the app, you can open another app just by swiping up the doc and dragging the other application. Checkout the demo presented here to see how the new drag and drop feature really works.

The Apple Pencil comes up with new features such as instant markup and instant notes. You can use the pencil in any PDF file to make notes or even highlights paragraphs. With just one tap on the suspended iPad with your pencil, you will be able to write notes in the notepad without even unlocking the iPad.

All these awesome features make iPad more interactive and productive.

Notes is Now A Scanner Too

The addition of document scanner in Notes is a life saver. It scans the documents, removes the edges, glare and the tilts and lets you sign the document with the Apple pencil. In short, Notes also works like CamScanner.

The Keyboard Upgrades

You can use the iPhone easily using only one hand, the keyboard can now be moved closer to your thumb for typing with one hand.

New keyboard shortcuts are introduced for the keyboard of iPad. The keys will letters as well as numbers, symbols or punctuation and the secondary keys can be accessed just flickering gesture. It’s better to use these gestures rather than switching back and forth between primary and secondary keys.

DND, I’m Driving!

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Do you wish to mute your iPhone while driving and even notify your friend about your current action? Well, wait no more because Apple has solved this problem with the new upgrade. With iOS11, your iPhone will understand that you are moving and it will auto-reply to your texts and calls.

This feature was first introduced in smartphones running Android.

With so many amazing features introduced, iPhones and iPads are surely bracing up for better performance in the future. And with the advent of the APFS from iOS 10.3 onwards, the performance is only going to go up. Apple surely is leaving no stone unturned in their venture to stay the best and on the top of the smartphone popularity charts. The new iOS will surely enhance your experience while making sure you get only the best every time you unlock your device.