There has been a lot of rumours running around for months now about the postponement in the iPhone 8 launch. Supporting these rumour, an analyst firm gave out a note for the investors stating that the tenth anniversary iPhone edition phone may be postponed and will be available in the market by late October or November.

Apple iPhone 8 in Dubai, UAE

It is customary for Apple to launch its new phones in September taken after by quick accessibility, however this would not be the situation this year.

The note states, “While we still think Apple launches all three models simultaneously in September, the OLED model will see limited availability or delayed availability till mid-October/November timeframe.”

This is mainly due to delay in OLED panel production. “We are lowering our Sept & Dec-qtr iPhone expectations by 2.5M units each, but expect much of this to be picked up in March-qtr and through FY18,” notes the firm.

This is not the first time we hear such news, talks of such delay were also making rounds in the month of April, when acclaimed analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, noted that the OLED donning iPhone 8 might not be available in the markets till the first half of 2018.

iPhone 8 Concept Design is stealing hearts

The main issues when it comes to the OLED panels that Apple is facing are with the fingerprint scanner that the company is planning to embed beneath the display, so that they can add a bezel-less OLED panel, for a beautiful feel. Apparently, they have found some success; but it may just be the case, that mass production might take some time. Nothing can be said. Given the circumstances, it may very well be possible that Apple may push the launch by a couple of months.

We are hoping that Apple will announce its 10th edition iPhone – the iPhone 8 by this September. It is to be launched with some major redesigning alongside updates for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Also, since Apple is already famous for costly phones, it is expected to cost a whopping 3600 AED approx. ($1000)