iPhone is always something that grabs the attention of everyone in the entire world. Be it the release of a red iPhone to fight HIV-AIDS in third world countries, or any rumour regarding a new phone variant coming to the market, Apple Inc is always on the radar of tech enthusiasts. iPhone 8 is one such phone from the world’s largest manufacturer that is in store expected to be released in September. But that doesn’t stop people from creating rumours and coming up with fantasies about the phone.

Recently, another designer came up with a concept design for the iPhone 8. The name of the designer is Martin Hajek. We must admit he’s nailed it with his imagination. The concept iPhone looks stunning in the images. We would be more than just glad to have an iPhone in our hands that looks as mind-blowing as this.

In his imagination, the home button of the iPhone 8 will be embedded below a fully functioning bezel-less display, with the fingerprint reader embedded right beneath it. Rest of the body of the imaginary iPhone 8 will be made of stainless steel; speakers will be on both sides of the charging port. The designer has imagined a dual camera setup just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

The designer said that this design is viable for the company to incorporate, as this will be the 10th anniversary of the revolution that Apple began with its first ever smartphone, the iPhone. According to Hajek, what better time to revolutionise the design of a revolutionary phone?

Although we must admit, Apple would not launch the design now, and it is near to impossible to be able to see an iPhone with that design; We can’t stop looking at the phone’s design. Way to go Martin!