Looks like Apple is now facing more issues than what was initially expected. After the phone’s crackling sound issue, another user tweeted an issue to the company showing the display of the phone splitting open from the edges after she put her phone on charge. The user is from Taiwan and had recently purchased a brand new iPhone 8 Plus. The user claimed that she put her phone on charging and after some time, her phone’s screen popped up from the middle, revealing a gap between the front and the back panel from the side.

Image appears to be broken
A popped up screen can be clearly seen in this image.

Not The First Time This Has Happened

This is not the first issue that has come up with the newly launched iPhone 8 Plus. Last week, many users had reported that there was a crackling sound coming from the phone’s speakers when making a phone call. Some users even reported the crackling sound coming from the loudspeaker during FaceTime calling. Apple apparently placed the blame on the audio codecs and has rolled out a software update that should fix the issue. If you’re an Apple user, look for iOS 11.0.2 update, so that your phone doesn’t face the same issue.

Image appears to be broken
The phone is undamaged otherwise.

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The Owner’s Report

Coming back to the screen popping, the reports that we received say that the Taiwanese user had purchased a 64GB “Rose Gold” iPhone 8 Plus. According to her, she even used the same charger and cable that was provided with the box. “After about three minutes, the front panel began to bulge, and eventually was lifted completely from the device”, said the report from Taiwan.

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The battery is being blamed for now.

iPhone 8 Not the Only One Facing Issues

Most phones face issues after initial launch. Tests may turn out to be completely positive and the phone is deemed good to go. However, factory tests are conducted by test engineers who handle the phone differently. That makes every phone vulnerable to problems arising out of a different handling habit for every user. Even the Samsung Galaxy S8 faced several issues during their initial days, which were later on fixed by the company. An issue like this cannot be used as an excuse to deem the product failed.

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Image appears to be broken
Even some Galaxy S8 devices showed a red tint, which was later fixed by the company.

Even Xiaomi phones faced issues with burning batteries recently, and many of the phones are being called by the Chinese giant.

As of now, Apple has confirmed that they have acknowledged the issue and are investigating the matter. For now, the blame gun is being pointed at a possibly faulty battery that somehow made it through the tests, but failed to deliver on dispatch. Apple will apparently replace the phone for the user and refurbish the damaged device. Interestingly, some unconfirmed and underground reports have even claimed that the batteries for the iPhone 8 are manufactured by the same company that made batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now, this rumour is not believable as Apple is a smart company and they wouldn’t place their chips on a company that has been responsible for one of the most disastrous callbacks of any consumer product.

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As of now, there have been only two incidents. For a device to be declared a ‘failed’ product, there have to be at least 50 cases globally with the exact same issue, that too with the hardware of the product are found. Let’s wait and watch if any more iPhone 8’s face the same issue.