Apple Inc., the world’s favorite company is apparently running out of ideas to innovate and bring in something completely out of the world for the customer to purchase and use. The Apple Special Event on September 12 was a great show put up by the company and saw the iPhone 8 launch along with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The devices impress in the first look. However, as days have passed and the dust is now settling, most of the experts and even hardcore fans have been expressing their discontent with the latest outing. Every one is seen saying the new iPhone 8 is not good. Here’s why purchasing the new iPhone may not be the best choice for you in case you’re already an owner of an iPhone.

iPhone Design

The first thing that disappointed the fans was that the iPhone 8 design. The new phone doesn’t look any different than the older iPhone 7. Moreover, the dual-camera that was expected throughout the series, is absent in the iPhone 8. Both, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have designs that resemble the older phones very much.
As a relief, the iPhone X does have a better design. However, there is already a very large number of people claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a better design, which was brought forth two years ago.

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iPhone Camera

There’s just a Single lens camera, which, according to the experts, is essentially the same as that of iPhone 7. There may be some improvements on the hardware and software, but that’s limited to a little tweak here and there. Even the iPhone 8 Plus camera is not much of an improvement, with the same horizontal setup like the iPhone 7 Plus, with the flash outside the module.
Once again, it’s the iPhone X that’s the better of the three with some decent improvements with its vertically aligned dual camera with dual-OIS. So far, only the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the system, making it just two phones with a very good dual-camera that actually the potential of revolutionizing mobile photography. From the ‘raised standards’ point of view, the camera of the iPhone 8 is not good.

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iPhone Battery

Apple has never been good with the batteries and their backup capacity. In the event itself, Tim Cook explained that the iPhone 8 will last as long as the iPhone 7. Now, that’s definitely not an improvement, according to the experts all over the globe. On one hand, there are Android devices with 5000 mAh batteries that claim to last at least two days on a single charge. On the other hand, there’s Apple claiming no significant improvement.

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iPhone Display

We were all excited when the news of an OLED panel was out. At last, we could finally be expecting Apple to bring in a display, that will enhance the viewing experience on the screens.
“We got the same IPS LCD display instead, which was disheartening,” one of the fans was quoted saying. The Retina display installed on the iPhone 8 is not even Full HD. Only the iPhone 8 Plus has a Full HD screen.

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Once again, only the iPhone X has the OLED display that we all wanted badly in all the iPhones of this year. Even that isn’t revolutionary as companies Samsung, LG Mobiles, Sony etc. have been installing OLED, AMOLED and super AMOLED panels in their phones for a very long time now.

iPhone Security

Another reason the iPhone 8 is not good, is that while iPhone X has the Face ID, a feature that scans and remembers the face of their owner, this feature is not present in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Both the ‘smaller’ iPhones rely on the Touch ID.

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Overall, the iPhone X scores much better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The other two have nothing great, apart from the A11 bionic chipset with 64-bit architecture. But even though the iPhone X is good, it still will not be available for pre-order until November. To top it, the phone is too expensive. AED 4099 is simply too high a price to pay for a phone that’s not much innovative. Most of the fans are expressing their dissatisfaction at the outrageous pricing from the company. Even with the rather ‘mediocre’ specifications by Apple’s own standards, the pricing for the iPhone 8 is too much for the features it offers. The pricing state for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 is not good.

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As for our opinion, upgrading the iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 isn’t of much benefit. Buy the iPhone 8, but only if you wish to switch to Apple from some other OS, such as Windows or Android. No doubt, the phones are great performers and will prove to be great for a first time user. However, upgrading from iPhone 7 doesn’t look like a great option.