Samsung and Apple are arch rivals when it comes to the smartphone segment. With almost a quarter of the total market share of the world, Samsung’s phones are bought and sought after by Android lovers. Apple, on the other hand, embarks its uniqueness and exclusivity upon the customers’ minds and captivates them, based solely upon the sheer quality the iPhone has to offer. Their rivalry hasn’t reduced a bit ever since the advent of the smartphone; we are not expecting it to diminish anywhere in the future as well.

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Latest reports about the upcoming ventures of both the top companies of the world have been popping up since the beginning of the year. While Apple is being ‘rumoured’ and ‘tipped’ about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung has been dealing with its share of rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both the upcoming devices are being vastly searched for, and have been captivating people and tech geeks’ minds alike. Everybody is curious to know more about these phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The next flagship from Samsung is all set to bring the best features in the Android world for people, of course at a premium price. With SnapDragon 836 processor, coupled with 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal memory, the phone is going to rock the world. Not only that, a dual-camera system that’s expected to be in place is also making rounds. The note 8 is slated to become the first phone from Samsung to feature a dual camera system.

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Other superb features include an iris scanner, the S-Pen, the trademark infinity display that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and the home-grown virtual AI assistant, the Bixby. All these features make the Galaxy Note 8 a device that will be highly sought after, once it is launched.

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The Apple iPhone 8

Apple Inc. launches a new generation of the iPhone every year and discontinues the oldest. The next generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 8 will mark the 10th anniversary of the smartphone. The latest iPhone will be powered by the A11 Fusion 64-bit quad-core chipset from Apple itself, and will have 3GB of RAM and will be made available in multiple memory variants, say 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Of course, that’s being kept under the wraps by Apple.

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Apple iPhone 8 too is said to have the iris scanning technology embedded in its phone, having developed it on their own. Following the trend, and looking at the wants of the customer, Apple too will be making the next iPhone sleeker, and install a near-bezel less display. Also, Apple is said to migrating to the OLED technology from the traditional IPS LCD panels, in order to become more battery efficient.

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Because of their coding algorithms, the iPhone has always performed at par with their biggest competitors, despite the other side having the better configuration. Apple formed a habit of performing and delivering long ago, and it pays off every single time.

Why Might Apple Overshadow Samsung This Time?

Samsung has captured the market share, not based on just one, but a wide range of phones that are available in nearly every segment, making Samsung an obvious choice for customers of all classes. Apple, on the other hand, relies on just one device, the flagship iPhone, and its variants for its sale, making the iPhone the single largest selling device in the world.

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Last year, the iPhone 7 Plus gathered huge traffic and sales based upon its superior hardware, and dual-cameras, and became the best selling phone of the year, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ranked third in the rankings. Apple users have also been known to never go back to Android once they’ve used a device from Apple.

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As for this year, the chances of Samsung losing their place as the top player in the world seem very much escalated. Last year’s Note 7 episode was a huge setback for the company, and many countries, including the US, have banned all Note 7 devices from all the flights to and from the country. Due to the fiasco, Samsung’s sales have dropped significantly, though the fan base still seems to be intact. The S8 too is now facing issues with further sales, as people have reported broken screens with just one drop, and also the phone failing to achieve the forecasted benchmark results. Despite being top quality smartphone makers, these issues have been troubling Samsung, and unless they do something about it, the Note 8 will do well in the beginning but will lose its grip eventually.

On the other hand, Apple’s sales have been steady throughout, with people still seeking out the iPhone 7. There have been no heating issues, no exploding batteries and no signs of lag even after months of prolonged use. Apple surely knows how to deliver when it comes to long term performance.

Apple and Samsung have been the greatest players for quite some time now, with Xiaomi Mobiles slowly catching up. It will be interesting to see if there will be a triangular rivalry between them. For now, it’s Apple vs. Samsung and Apple seems to be winning.