Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be getting on the nerves of the fans. With each passing day, the fans appear to be getting more and more impatient to find out about this highly awaited phone. We too are feeling a little whelmed by the attention that this phone is gathering day by day. With this much hype about the phone, the phone is getting publicity ‘just like that,’ without Samsung needing to do anything to promote.

Samsung galaxy s8 leaked image

Nevertheless, another round of images have surfaced showing Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus together; This one shows the back panel as well with the camera at the center, flash to the left and fingerprint scanner on the right. Samsung has apparently planned on using them for promoting the phone once it is announced.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

The images show the phone from the front, side, and back as well. Apparently, this one is going to have four physical buttons as well; except the fourth button will not be a home button, but will be on the other side of the phone meant for the AI assistant from Samsung, Bixby.

Be reminded; we had earlier told you about the Galaxy S8 not featuring a physical home button this time – the latest images confirm that.

These images have been leaked by a Twitter account by the username of @evleaks, which ‘leaks’ a lot of info about the phones. These latest images have been leaked hardly a couple of hours before us bringing you this news.


The leaks aren’t limited to just images of the phones; we even saw images of the phone accessories that will apparently be a part of the entire phone packaging. Made by AKG, the earphones are rumoured to be included as an in-the-box item.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Earphones leaked

Other interesting information about the phone include the display – of course, it is a curved display! What we’re talking about, is that the screen will have a unique aspect ratio of 18.5:9. Also, Samsung has made the phone almost bezel-less this time. Super Large RAM, Extra big storage, long lasting battery, the phones are going to have everything! And by everything, we mean everything! The phone is one that will set new benchmarks and norms.