Apple is all set to launch the next iPhone – and it might be sooner than you think. In latest reports, we have uncovered some latest news on the fabled and highly awaited next generation iPhone 8, a phone that is making news for quite a long time now. One of the online leakers have released fresh images of the iPhone 8 through a video uploaded on youtube, and the images look convincing. This might as well turn out to be the final design of the iPhone 8, though no one is still sure.

These images are pretty close to the schematics that were leaked a few days ago.

If these tips are to believed, we might have just landed on the final design of the iPhone 8. This looks pretty cool and will be a very beautiful phone to hold and own. The device appears to have a 5” display – Apple might as well continue with their 4.7” screens. One big change in the display technology that we might expect here is to expect Apple to put in AMOLED or OLED display this time instead of the traditional IPS LCD that is placed in every device of theirs.

These images show a dual-camera system mounted vertically on the top-left corner of the back panel, with the flash in between the two cameras, which looks a little bit amusing at first glance. The camera system is reported to be a 12MP+12MP or a 13MP+13MP dual camera system, with PDAF and OIS. The camera will be capable of taking even more stunning pictures than what the previous iPhones did. With a dual-camera system, the device will now be able to ‘perceive’ depth in a better way and will be able to take high contrast images with greater ease. We’re sure the iPhone 8 is going to be a delight for photography lovers.

Other specs include increased RAM, more internal storage, and even higher prices. Physical characteristics point towards a couple of physical buttons on one side of the device for controlling the volume, the trademark ‘silent’ button right beside, and a lock button on the other side, with the SIM tray. Though we’re expecting the device to feature in iris scanner, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, we do not see any such thing on the images, making us doubt whether an iris scanner is into consideration or not.

There are many things we’re expecting from Apple Inc. and most of the times; we end up expecting too much. Having said that, we would love Apple to incorporate these features into their latest device. Now, whether or not these images turn out to be the final design of the Apple iPhone 8, we’ll have wait and see. Take it with a pinch of salt till then.