Launching the Redmi Note 4 proved out to be a very wise decision for Xiaomi. Not only the brand found more fans and sales, but the launch also helped the brand to climb in the global ranking of best mobile brands. Social media channel weibo has leaked the rumours that Xiaomi is about to bring in a special edition version of the Redmi Note 4 – the Redmi Note 4X, and it’s going to be dedicated to Hatsune Miku.

The phone is apparently going to be everything dedicated to the virtual pop star – with Miku Cover, Miku Case, Miku’s colour scheme, a Miku power bank all in a Miku packaging. The phone could come out very soon, probably in a few hours. The move comes from Xiaomi after Sony had once launched a Miku’s edition phone sometime back.

The special edition model would perhaps be a slight upgrade from your regular Note 4, although shares its basis of design from the older one. The biggest change would be the installation of the Snapdragon 625 chipset instead of the MediaTek Helio X20, although it is not clear, but we’re expecting this mid-range, yet highly capable octa-core chipset to include a 4GB RAM, 1 GB more than regular edition Note 4. Other than that, rest of the features have been kept same, according to the leaked news we received. The same 13 MP camera, 64 GB internal storage, fingerprint sensor, and 4100mAh battery.

According to the rumours Xiaomi will be releasing the special edition Redmi Note 4X in five colours: Gold, pink, black, grey, and green. Green colour has been chosen specifically because that is the hair colour of the famous virtual pop star. Xiaomi is also planning to stamp Miku’s name in Chinese just below the MI logo, along with a limited edition number.

Will it be available in UAE? We don’t’ know. How many phones is Xiaomi going to manufacture; still no idea! We’ll have to just wait and watch if these rumours turn out to be true or not. Time will surely tell!