Samsung Mobiles is the world’s largest phone maker. Ever since they took over the place as the top mobile manufacturer, the R&D team at Samsung has been no less than gods of innovation. From super fast processors that can support wireless charging, mind-blowing cameras, and now the ‘infinity’ display that’s installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the South Korean giant makes awesome devices that always steal your hearts. Well, latest news has it that Samsung has launched a flip phone in China with another flabbergasting feature – a dual-screen. The Samsung SM-G9298, as it is called, has been launched in China and will soon be released into the world.

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Different Views of the Samsung SM-G9298

The latest phone from China has a flip-type form factor. The phone has a ‘high-end dual-screen clamshell design’ as written on the China website. The phone’s main display is accessible when the phone is ‘flipped-close’. The display is a 4.2” super AMOLED fullHD display. The SM-G92898, also called ‘leader,’ can be used as a normal Android touch-screen device when flipped close. Powered by SnapDragon 821 SoC, the phone is definitely a powerhouse to use. Coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage(51.7GB user available), the device is a complete power package.

The phone features a  12MP f/1.7 PDAF camera, similar to the one that was installed on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and a 5MP f/1.9 AF front camera for selfies and video calls. With a load of sensors and a 3-choose-2 hybrid SIM slot, the storage can be expanded by up to 256GB. The phone is surely and amazing device to own.

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However, we haven’t yet told about the main thing about this phone – the second display. The one you see when you flip-open the phone. The inside has a 16M colour AMOLED display, and an alpha-numeric keypad, with physical Android control buttons on the inside, along with a programmable hot-key button, to access your frequently used program. The phone is also wireless charging supportive, but the apparatus will have to be purchased separately. What you’ll be getting inside the box, is a turbocharger and a MicroUSB cable. There’s no USB-C in the phone and uses the standard charging port.

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The phone flip-open

The phone is being seen as a brilliant move by Samsung to keep the traditional ways of using phones while offering the touch screen Android experience simultaneously. This phone is an excellent example of an amalgamation of the modern day smartphone and the millennial feature flip phones. Looking at the phone, the device looks bulky, but that’s a very small price to pay for a phone that can be used in two ways. Not every smartphone around lets you have the pleasure of owning two different phones at a price of one, all integrated into a single hardware.

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We are excited to see the phone ourselves and experience the power and tradition together. What about you?