Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, most of the curiosity regarding the phones has now been taken care of, and there’s not left to explore. Its place has been now taken by the latest entrant in the Samsung’s kitty, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We are constantly keeping track of the next super device from Samsung and are keeping a close eye all latest news, leaks, and rumours that are surfacing every day. Here’s what we have found so far, and most of it is in line with what we had told earlier.


Samsung is developing the Note 8, and of that we’re 100% sure, as there was an official statement from Samsung some time, saying that they’re surely going to bring in the Note 8, and won’t be withdrawing from any plans to continue the Note series, which has been the favourite of so many people, especially in the upper segments of office hierarchy and businessmen. The Note series has been phenomenal in helping people handle their busy schedule with ease. Also, the Note series’ trademark S-Pen is a highly selling feature. It would be unwise anyway, on the part of Samsung to discontinue a series that has been a super hit ever since the first ever Galaxy Note was brought in.

Even though the Note 7 turned out to be a complete disaster, Samsung isn’t turning back, they have redesigned the device and are going to launch the refurbished model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, either as 7R or 7FE, that is still ambiguous. But we’re sure of the refurbished of a model as well.

How’s the Display

Coming back to Note 8, the device is being developed with total enthusiasm and is slated to be launched within a couple of months. The latest leaked images show that the phone will have a design very similar to that of S8, albeit with a larger screen. But that’s not what is the better part of the screen; it is a rumoured 4K display. Although we aren’t still sure about it, now we are finding reasons to believe that a 4K display might as well be in line. Another leak on Weibo suggested earlier that the phone will have an aspect ratio of 18:5:9 with a screen width of 6.3 inches. This isn’t much larger than the S8+, but a wider screen will definitely stand out in the crowd of smartphones.

What about the camera?

The camera of the Note 8 is widely rumoured to be a dual-camera system. The rumours strongly suggest that there will be 13MP+12MP dual-lens camera that will be capable of a 3x optical zoom. Not just that, there will be a dual-lens Optical Image Stabilization system embedded that will outclass almost every other phone in the market.

And Bixby?

Bixby! The much hyped and reportedly awesome virtual assistant from Samsung, even though in a primary stage, is already capable of a lot. As time passes, Samsung will make the software better and better. Coming time will surely see Bixby able to communicate with us as a normal person would. But that’s a plan for the future. As of now, Bixby is primitive. But useful nonetheless. We’re expecting the virtual assistant to be incorporated in the new device as well, making the Galaxy Note 8 third device to have Bixby built-in.

All of this news have been reported in the past. But the new rumours have strengthened our belief that our speculations do hold some water and these are not just charades of our imagination. Time will surely reveal what the phone will be like, and we’re waiting. A little impatiently though.