In the latest international survey taken by a third-party organisation globally, users have reported the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the best smartphone not just in the current market but also the best phone ever to have been designed. The survey was carried over two weeks across 12 countries, including the US, China and India. According to the report, Samsung is the first preferred choice of most of the smartphone users all over the world. The latest news puts pressure on Apple Inc. as they’re preparing for the release of their iPhone 8 in September this year.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 was released on March 28, this year in an independent event hosted by Samsung. The phone went on sale on April 21 for the world and had since then seen no drop in sales. People are flocking to get their hands on the beautifully carved device. The phone did initially find some trouble with news of a red tint appearing on the screens, which Samsung resolved by sending out an OTA update to all S8 devices globally. As of now, there are no issues with the S8 and S8 Plus’s performance and the devices are rocking the world.

Image appears to be brokenIn another part of the report, we saw that the phone’s growing popularity is putting some pressure on other competitors as their phones are yet to be released and Samsung has already caught the attention and the market share as well. OnePlus 5 is about to be released on June 22 and will soon be available. Despite OnePlus having features and configuration better than the Galaxy S8, it may be possible that the phone may not be able to find any major success, especially in the UAE, where Samsung is the top player.

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Also, this news has apparently not gone well with Apple. Apple is apparently now planning a very aggressive campaign to promote the iPhone 8 before its release, hopefully in September. Recently, Apple had been facing issues with the installation of the fingerprint sensor and may have to delay their launch to November if that happens. This will affect the sales of the next set of iPhones. We are expecting 4 new iPhone models this year – the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus this year.

Be whatever the case, team Samsung is pleased to hear the news that their device is seen as the best in the world and is ruling the market globally. This will surely boost the morale of the R&D team at Samsung, and they’ll surely put in more efforts in making their next possible outing, the Galaxy Note 8 the picture perfect device for their already happy fans and make them even happier. Good news for Samsung, for now. It is now to be seen whether this will continue or will fade after the release of the OnePlus 5. Stay tuned.