Samsung Electronics is a company that never ceases to amuse people and keep them excited about new and new breakthroughs. After the revolutionary ‘infinity’ display in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then the dual-OIS in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the latest news is revolving around the upcoming phones from the company. As of today, the Samsung Galaxy S9, a phone that’s still in the ‘rumoured’ phase, has been reported to be sporting an under-the-display fingerprint sensor.

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Earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was thought to possess the said technology and bring about another revolution in the way humans interact with technology. However, the tech apparently found no proper implementation and the the research and development team at Samsung Mobiles found it difficult to place the scanner beneath the super AMOLED display and make it work. One of the online geeks said, “The problem with installing fingerprint scanners beneath an AMOLED display is that while you scan your fingerprint the display will detect a ‘touch’ input, possible hindering the process of unlocking the phone.” Apparently, Samsung has overcome the problem and has successfully tested the fingerprint scanner that is working at least in the prototypes.

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An artist’s impression of the Samsung Galaxy S9

If the technology passes all the tests, and the phone goes to manufacturing, this will be greatest technological breakthrough since the introduction of the fingerprint sensors in phones themselves, and will also beat the FaceID feature in Apple iPhone X. Apple has been trying to do that in the iPhones too, but apparently hasn’t found any success either. Samsung is mostly the first in the world to bring the top-class features.

Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the phone is also said to be the first device to have the Snapdragon 845 SoC. Once again, the SD845 is a said chipset being developed by Qualcomm and is reportedly being developed on the 5nm process, which will shrink the processor size further by upto 40%. This will in turn make space for more processing to be put up, increasing the performance of the device running the processor. Not long ago, the snapdragon 845 processor was spotted on GeekBench with a single core performance score of 2600. A smaller processor with more computing power will surely pave the way for a long journey towards developing mobile devices that will be far superior to even the best laptops and notebooks.

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Another artist’s impression of the S9 with the fingerprint scanner.

Other minor developments on the Galaxy S9 front include installation of the Android v8.0 Oreo or later, 6GB of RAM, 64GB internal memory and undisclosed camera setup. Samsung has kept the camera under the hood very well and no information is being ‘leaked’ out. Some people from the Samsung camp have claimed that the next camera will beat the Google Pixel 2‘s score of 98 easily. We are more than just excited about the phone’s arrival. An under-the-display fingerprint scanner will be a very useful factor for phone designers as well. Hopefully, this will eliminate the circular, rectangular patches on the body, and we’ll be able to use a smooth looking phone with the security in place.