The entire phone and gadget world has gone viral ever since Nokia 3310 was announced for a comeback by HMD at the Mobile World Congress. There are hundreds of imaginary phone concepts and rumours surfacing every day with newer levels of claims made by every fan. One of them has caught our attention, and we really liked the concept put forward by the designer. The name of this designer is Moe Slah, from Egypt.

Moe has imagined a Nokia 3310 Pro in such a way, that it looks almost impossible to take your eyes away from the phone. Moe has decided that the 3310 Pro will not be some basic feature phone with some buttons and no internet connectivity. The Nokia 3310 Pro 2017 concept phone is a buffed up smartphone with a 5.5” AMOLED display running on the Android 7.0 Nougat factory installed.

Although the designer did not mention any other specs, it would be spoiling the imagination concept and will be more like imagining a segment smartphone out for sale. We instead saw another pleasing concept – the option of switching to the age old 3310 theme. We liked the theme very much; the theme will give a nostalgic feel to your phone if it comes into reality.

Apart from having a bezel-less screen (something that is apparently gaining a lot of popularity lately.), Moe has designed the phone in four different colours and has also given them his own names – Massive Purple, Sexy Pink, Nostalgic Blue and Hot Red.

Real or not, we like the phone and the imagination prowess of the designer. Kudos for that! And our best wishes for the future. Keep designing.