The concept of modular phones has been around for quite some time now. Google even was apparently working on a project name Aria, where they were trying their level best to implement and launch a modular smartphone. However, that project had to be scrapped. Meanwhile, Motorola made quite a sensation when they introduced the Moto Z Play with Moto Mods. The concept was nothing new, and the mods were additional detachable hardware. But they worked and garnered massive sales for Motorola. Recently we came across some news regarding six new mods designs from Moto that would add up to the utility factor and amplify the Moto experience.

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In an event in Ghana, Motorola apparently introduced six new mods that are more or less based on the same concepts as the existing ones. Moto plans on releasing at least twelve mods every year, six of them have been seen already.

360 Camera Mod

Image appears to be brokenWhat looked like a pair of wide-angle cameras mounted on a cylinder protruding from the top side of a white ‘back-cover,’ this mod is, as the name suggests intended for taking 360° photos as well stream live videos to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. This should be about all the functionality of the mod; taking 360° photos and live streaming. Nothing much about the resolution and sensors is known currently. One thing is for sure, this is something Samsung should take note of, as moto this mod takes moto one step ahead of the competition, making innovative use of dual-cameras.

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Action Mod

Image appears to be brokenThe action mod is meant for action, i.e. for sports and other outdoor activities. There wasn’t much that could be guessed based on the pictures and video, but what our expert could speculate was that the camera on the mod would be rotatable. This will help the user to take selfies as well as snap what’s in the front without having to switch the camera in a hassle. Motorola most probably intends to replace dash cameras and action cameras by bringing up their own item, which would cost less than a GoPro.

DirecTV Mod

Image appears to be brokenThis mod might actually be of use to many people as this involves the ability to connect an HDMI stick to the mod, the mod being connected to the phone. The stick will catch signals from TV service providers such as Chromecast dongle that will stream live TV to your smartphone. Given the busy life in UAE, most of us would like to watch news on-the-go. The DirecTV mod might just be the perfect answer to this.


Image appears to be brokenNow we all know that Moto had earlier introduced a camera mod that could zoom upto 10X and could capture 12MP images for your phone. But that kept it around the Digicam levels. Moto announced a DSLR mod to help avid amateur photographers capture DSLR-like images. The mod will allow you to attach real DSLR lenses to it and help you capture images perfectly.


Image appears to be brokenMotorola had launched the Moto ROKR back in the 2000s, and had garnered some rave reviews and cashed in a lot on the ability of the phone to produce high-quality sounds, and ability to play high definition music. Well, Moto probably wishes to continue the legacy of the ROKR series and wishes to incorporate the ability in a mod, that will rock everything. Motorola already has JBL Soundboost and Soundboost 2 in the markets.

Studio Mod

Image appears to be brokenThis one is for singers. The mod allows you record to sound in high clarity with a noise cancelling microphone. The studio mod, like the 360° camera mod, has a small bump on the top that will house the high-definition sound capturing microphone. This is by far the simplest mod from Motorola.

Most of the mods from Moto are focussed towards improving the user experience using additional peripherals to enhance the ability of existing features. It would be very useful if Motorola brought up something that will give a better display to the users, or replace the need for power banks when embarking on long journeys.
But be whatever the case may, Motorola apparently seems to be delivering on their promise of introducing twelve mods per year. Six have been shown up. Six more to go.