The smartphone world is gleaming with smartphones. We are seeing a new smartphone being by one manufacturer or the other every couple of weeks. It hasn’t been even a month since the launch of the OnePlus 5, LG Mobiles has launched their latest series of smartphones. The LG Q6, LG Q6+, and the LG Q6a. Out of these, only the LG Q6 was earlier known to be in the pipeline. LG surprised all their fans with a sweet surprise, it seems. All the three phones will be priced in the ‘mid-priced’ range to the ‘premium’ range.

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This move from LG is expected to boost the sales and keep the brand in the limelight; there has been no launch or a major news from LG since the launch of the LG G6 in February this year. The LG Q6 is being looked upon as the mini LG G6, although the phones have a smaller processor. The main reason the Q6 is being touted as the smaller G6 is because of its uncanny resemblance to the flagship from LG. Not only the Q6 but also the Q6+ and Q6a bear the same resemblance to the phones.

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The Q6 doesn’t bear the same specs as that of the G6 and has rather modest specifications, given that it will be a mid-premium phone designed for a very good performance while not being too heavy on the pockets. The Q series will all be powered by the SnapDragon 635 Octa-Core Chipset. Just like the SD625, the SD635 is designed for power optimisation; you may expect minor glitches but a long battery life on the phones.

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Image appears to be brokenThe camera will be another good aspect of the phones – a 13MP sensor at the rear panel. Since the design is derived from the G6, let’s hope the cameras turn out the same as that of the flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer. On the front, there will be a 5MP selfie optimised camera with a wide angle lens for effective selfies. This would prove to be enough for daily use, although it may look like less than what the current scenario is. i.e what other manufacturers such as OnePlus, Asus and Samsung are offering.

There is not much difference when it comes to the battery either. The phones all have the normal 3000mAh Li-ion type non-user removable battery installed and will be able to provide up to 30h talk time on 3G networks as per the company tests. This is believable as the SnapDragon 600 series has been designed specifically for battery optimisation.

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On the software part, the entire Q6 series will be installed with the Android v7.1.1 ‘Nougat’ and will also sport LG‘s own Custom UI for a better-looking interface than stock Android, as can be seen, the devices from Motorola. There should be no problem, and the phones should work super smooth because of the better optimisations for the hardware resource use from the developer community.

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The only places where the phones differ from one another is the memory department. The LG Q6a has 2GB of RAM with 16GB of internal memory. The LG Q6 has 3GB of RAM with 32GB internal memory. The Q6+ will be the most expensive one among these three with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory.

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LG hasn’t declared the prices yet, but we’re expecting a difference of a couple of hundred Dirhams between the three phones. It is a wise move on LG’s part by releasing the three phones with three names instead of the one-phone-with-three-variants game, as Xiaomi recently played with the launch of the Redmi 4. Be whatever; this puts another feather in LG’s hat as they now have a device in every price range with the best features in their class. The phones are expected to go for sale by August.