Motorola is a brand that has a long history of making very good phones. They have a Moto device in nearly every smartphone segment. Even after Lenovo acquired Moto, there is apparently no death to the brand. Amidst rumours, the Moto C, which was expected to be launched soon, has been spotted reportedly in Russia! It hasn’t been a long time since a Moto E4 Plus was detected online in the listings of FCC. It looks like Moto is gearing to cover the entire smartphone to woo more customers.

The Moto C is expected to be an entry-level smartphone with basic specifications to cater to the needs of people who don’t need very high-end configurations to get their work done; also while being tight on budget. Apparently running on a MediaTek quad-core chipset, and probably 1GB/2GB RAM, Moto will probably ship it with Android v7.0 Nougat factory installed. Now that Android 7.0 is mainstream, and Android 8.0 is already on its way to complete development phase and deployment, this is expected from any brand.

Motorola will be bringing in two smartphones under the Moto C banner, as per the information we received. One of them will be the Moto C, and other will be the Moto C+. What we can clearly say, is that both the phones will be super affordable and will be just

Basic and not high-performing. As far as the performance is concerned, the Moto C will be a 3G only device, with a 32-bit processor, whereas the Moto C+ will be a little better with 4G support and 64-bit processing.

Moto C will have a 5MP rear camera, while the Moto C+ will have somewhat more respectable 8MP one. However, the front camera will be a 2MP shooter in both the cases. What we can conclude about the phones is that Moto is targeting the entry segment. So it will not be fair to expect any high specifications. We already have the Moto G5 Plus, and Moto Z for that. Of course, they come with a bigger price tag, their performance does justice to it, however.

Entry-level smartphones are mainly meant for the people who don’t use a phone much anyway, and only need one for calling, some messaging and basic internet surfing. Not being top-notch on hardware part, Moto doesn’t promise gaming, heavy multi-tasking, etc. Also, there hasn’t been any solid news about the exact pricing of the phones; all we know is that the phones will be cheap and very affordable.

Since this is only a leaked news about the phone, we would suggest taking this story with a little pinch of salt, as a confirmed statement from Moto is not yet out. We will come back with more information as we keep digging into more and more news about upcoming smartphones.