Motorola Mobilities, the faction of Motorola Solutions which used to manufacturer communication devices for Motorola has turned into a big company highly reputed for its quality phones. After being acquired by Lenovo, the brand has launched some high-quality phones into the market. Less than a week ago, the brand announced Six new Moto Mods for its Z series, and in the wake of fresh reports, we have received a confirmed news that Moto will be launching another smartphone in the coming days. However, which phone will be launched, they’ve kept it for the people to guess.

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There is no information as to which phone they would launch. We are speculating that it would be Moto X4; that phone has been rumoured for a very long time now, and there has been no news about the phone’s launching date. Moto might be planning a surprise. While the Moto X4 might very much be in place, there’s another big possibility. We may get to see the successor of the Z Force, a device that created a lot of news when it was launched. The successor of the aforesaid device might be named Moto Z2 Force.

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The Moto X4 has been long rumoured and the rumours haven’t changed much, the way OnePlus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 did. We are expecting the phone to fall in the 5.5-inch FullHD Display category. Apart from that, there could be a 13MP rear camera mounted at the center, somewhat typical of Motorola phones. Android v7.0 is obvious as it has become a norm; it would also be stock version. Moto installs stock Android Operating Systems on their devices so that there is no issue in performance due to custom UI and users don’t get angry over bloatware.


A standard 3000 mAh battery, along full 4G LTE/VoLTE support is expected in the phone. Overall, we are assuming there will be nothing fancy in the phone apart from a USB-C port, and the X4 will concentrate much more utility factor instead of trying to woo customers with nonchalant and extravagant fancy specifications.

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As far as the Moto Z2 Force is concerned, we are looking at another 5.5 Inch smartphone, with again a Full HD display, along with a 13MP camera, running stock Android v7.0 Nougat. The camera of the Z2 Force, however, will be optimised for depth-of-field effects to capture photographs with DSLR-like quality.


The Z2 Force will a premium phone powered by superb flagship processor Snapdragon 835; being a member of the Z Series, it would obviously support Moto Mods and will sport a 3000 mAh battery.

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These are the basic specifications that we received the leaks about after the announcement. The X4 and Z2 Force, both the specs; which is what is currently leading us to believe that the upcoming Moto phone could be one of them. To top it off, the Twitter leakster @evleaks published two tweets showcasing the two devices, to further strengthen our doubts.

Even though there’s no confirmation as to which phone is in line for an arrival, we can be assured of the arrival of one. Since there’s nothing confirmed as to which phone it will be, the doors are all open to speculations. Let’s wait and watch.