The internet is full of unpredictable events and uncertainties. People all over the world put their creativity and imagination into being for the world to view. And anything that even remotely seems real goes viral in no time. We have freshly come across some latest renders of an upcoming phone from Nokia, and they seem so real, we are speculating they might be a hint towards being the actual phone design itself.

Image appears to be broken
Another of fan arts, released earlier this year.

An artist, a fan of Nokia and a freelance designer, has designed a render for an upcoming phone from Nokia, the Nokia 2. The renders were released online from a Chinese social media network. The renders show a rather small Nokia phone with simple looks and near standard bezels, with a camera module at the back along with a flash. Judging by the image, the phone’s back panel appears to be made of plastic, while the front seems to be glass. But there appears to be no 2.5D curved design effort. Overall, the design is pretty much consistent with the way budget level phones are designed. One thing to be noticed here is that there’s nothing that looks like a fingerprint sensor, not on the front, not on the back.

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The phone’s leaks and rumours had begun when it was spotted on geekbench two days ago. The alleged report showed a SnapDragon 212 processor running Android v7.1.1, with 1 GB RAM. If the rumours are to be believed, the phone could very much be the Nokia 2 in the making. We earlier had received reports of an entry level Nokia smartphone with the same features that were spotted on geekbench.

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Being a simple entry level device, the Nokia 2 seems to have a lot of features missing. There is no fingerprint sensor for instance. Also, other sensors like a digital compass, tachometer, gyroscopic sensor, etc. would apparently be missing. Also, the reports, as well as the geekbench test results, showed 1GB RAM, so not much of multitasking can be expected from the phone. Also apparently, there would be not much great of a performance as well, given that the processor is not a great one. Fast charging is a distant dream. All in all, the Nokia 2 would be a phone for the ones who can’t afford great smartphones and the ones who don’t need high-end specs. The Nokia 2 would serve those people well, who don’t need anything fancy on their device.

Image appears to be broken
Nokia 3310 Pro – Renders leaked earlier this year could be renamed as Nokia 2 with minor design changes!

Real or not, we believe if the Nokia 2 ever had to come, the phone will look exactly like the one that was leaked on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter. Although there’s no evidence anymore of the results of the said Nokia device, so many people report a device and a render pops-out right after it. Coincidence? We don’t think so!