Nokia Corporation saw some really tough times in the past decades, when the Windows smartphone division of Nokia phones failed to garner enough sales compared to Android. The brand is now owned by HMD Global, founded by an ex-Nokia employee and is back, with the Android range of phones, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6; these phones target the mid-range and budget-range. Premium segment is yet untouched by the company, but the rumours of the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 are regularly jumping up. Almost every other day we get to see some or the other news about the upcoming flagship phones from the Finnish company.

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Nokia is rumoured to launch two smartphones shortly, named the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. Nokia 8 will be a heavily featured Android device and will be priced high, while the Nokia 9 will be the flagship device from Nokia, and will be placed in the category of the best devices and will compete directly with the best phones in the industry such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 (upcoming), Galaxy Note 8 (upcoming) etc. Lately the Nokia 8 is the one that has been garnering more attention than usual, hinting that the phone’s launch date may be drawing closer. Nokia is quiet on the matter and isn’t saying anything.

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The Nokia 8 will be placed in the upper segment of the smartphone hierarchy, i.e. in the lines of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, OnePlus 5 etc. The phone will have at least 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, something that has become a norm by now. The internal memory is said to be expandable. By how much, we aren’t sure; also will there be a hybrid slot or a dedicated one, no one knows except Nokia. The battery capacity of the phone may be kept at 3800 mAh; as per latest rumours. The phone may also be powered by a SnapDragon 821 SoC chipset. Some are saying it is the SD835. However, our speculations revolve around the lower one as Nokia 9 is supposed to have the same chipset installed. So, the lower priced phone should have lower specs, as per our thought.

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An old Nokia 8 concept render from a fan with Windows OS

Also, we are expecting a 5.2 Inch Full HD AMOLED display in the phone, with a 13MP+13MP dual camera setup on the rear panel. What’s most interesting about the phone is that we have been receiving more and more ‘confirmed news’ for the past few days about the phone’s specifications. This trend is mostly observed when a device is about to be launched. Given the frequency and the number of ‘leaks’ revolving around the phone, the phone may be launched anytime soon.

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Anyway, the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is nearing, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumoured in September. Also, most of the key players in the market have deployed their premium handsets already. It would be a wise move on Nokia’s part to bring their high-end devices before others do and fetch as many customers for itself as possible to regain its market hold. Some rumours are claiming the release date to be August 16, 2017 to add some spice to the pinch of salt.