Nokia has been out of the game for quite long now. After having seen the best and the worst days, the brand is finally back in the hands of one of the former executives, and the licensing is held by HMD Global; Nokia is essentially back in the market. After announcements of the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 at the MWC 2017, Barcelona, rumours about Nokia 9 erupted. A Nokia phone by the MPN TA-1004 was recently spotted on Antutu with flagship features. Speculating that this might indeed be the Nokia 9 that we are all talking about, we have some solid reasons to believe that the Nokia 9 might snatch the crown away from Samsung Galaxy S8.

Post, the inability to modify themselves with change, Nokia almost ran out of business, and Microsoft bought their mobile business and tried running it, but with little success. This caused Microsoft to eventually sell the business to HMD Global in 2016. HMD did not waste time and began talks with people for manufacturing Android devices. The rumoured Nokia 9 is a product from the former telco giant, with flagship features and will sport a configuration that will make even the best devices like the Xperia XZ Premium and Samsung Galaxy S8 look small.

Despite being the great Samsung fans we all are, we have prepared a compilation that we believe will replace the S8 as the best smartphone in the world.Would Nokia 9 beat Samsung Galaxy S8?Okay, we know after seeing it, you’re now curious about what we’re talking about. Obviously, the Galaxy S8 has a bigger screen and a better display. Also, with the constant development of Bixby, Samsung is scoring high on the popularity chart. We definitely give it to Samsung. At the same time, Nokia 9 is strongly hinted to sport a display, that will be as good as the S8, if not better. As far as Bixby is concerned, we all know it is still in production and is not completely functional. Unlike Siri, which is available in 32 languages, Bixby is still limited to two.

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But that’s not the whole story

While 4GB of RAM or twice more than enough, given the phone usage of an average person, a bigger number is always fascinating, and without a doubt scores better on benchmarks. They say two is always better than one. Similarly, six gigabytes is always better than four.Best RAM Smartphones

Camera makes the difference

It has been seen that Nokia has put great cameras in their devices from time unknown. Even their VGA cameras long ago were the best in the class. Not to mention the Lumia 1020 with a 42-MP camera, that took excellent photos even in poor lighting conditions. So when Nokia says that it will put a dual-camera system, we are more than just confident that it will be the best in class.Nokia 9 Dual Camera

What we have to say about it

While it may be a big time debate topic for some, with some people disagreeing to what we have to say, we are of the belief currently that this might as well be a big time Samsung took a look around for competition. With OnePlus 5 launch announced on June 20, we already have a very strong competitor ready to go. And with Nokia 9 entering the rings, it will surely get tough for Samsung to keep its trail of success. Our best wishes to all phones though.