In the wake of fresh reports, we have received the news of the Nokia 9 being spotted on the AnTuTu. A phone has been spotted on the database with a model number TA-1004 and is reportedly sporting the Snapdragon 835 SoC; the same processor installed on the current market leader Samsung Galaxy S8. Other specs listed include a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory, an Adreno 540 GPU and a 13MP+13MP dual lens camera. Reportedly running the Android v7.1, we have very good reasons to believe that this could very well be the Nokia 9 which has been doing rounds in the rumours department.
Image appears to be brokenLooking at the specs mentioned in the above image we can see the Nokia 9 will have a QHD display with 1440 x 2560 resolution. We already saw the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the same resolution screen, and it is indeed stunning. We are surely in line for a great display, given the high-end processor.

The image appears to be broken.On the camera part, we have seen 13MP+13MP written there. Now whether this means that there will be a dual-camera on the rear panel or it will be a 13MP rear + 13MP front system is not transparent. However, we are more inclined towards a dual-camera setup, as earlier reports were inclined towards the same. We are expecting 4-axis OIS along with superfine resolution and PDAF, with a f/2.0 or a f/1.8 lens.

Also, as expected and according to the rumours, we see a 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM written. Now ROM is the internal storage, we need not mention. Again, this is in line with the reports. So we can very well believe that TA-1004 is our Nokia flagship. The image also mentioned Android v7.1.1. So it is evident that we will get the latest Android version to run on our phone when it comes.

Given that it will run on SnapDragon 835 with Adreno 540, super powerful performance is obvious, and we don’t have to worry about playing games and running a horde of apps. Also, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 is a sure thing here.

That’s all we could get our hands on for now. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Also, just because it came on AnTuTu, doesn’t mean it is 100% foolproof and is well subject to a falsified report. Having said that, there is a very good chance that the TA-1004 could be the Nokia 9 after all.