Nokia had been virtually out of competition for quite a while until yesterday. With Microsoft’s Windows phones being overshadowed by Android and Apple Inc., Nokia was almost out of the smartphone market – until yesterday. The Mobile World Congress 2017 at Barcelona was a key point in Nokia’s history. The once numero uno phone maker announced three phones it will launch this year; Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 android smartphones and the legendary feature phone, Nokia 3310. With this announcement, the company has taken the entire world by storm. Seems like Nokia is all set to take back its place as the world as the largest smartphone makers.

Nokia 5 Smartphone
Nokia 5

Last few years were really bad for Nokia. Especially with the advent of Android, the company suffered as huge setback. With its Symbian OS failing to garner enough accolades by people, and mediocre popularity of Windows phones, Nokia had to sell its smartphone division to Microsoft. Even then, the company couldn’t get people to buy its phones. Also, Nokia was unable to get its hands on Android OS, as a result of its tie-up with Microsoft. Finally, with the help of Foxconn, HMD global, the holding company of the Nokia brand is all set to bring its own range of Android smartphones.

Nokia 3 Smartphone
Nokia 3

Nokia plans to target the entry level smartphone and budget phone segment first and then slowly move to the top-end segment. As of now, Nokia is stepping on each stone with caution and isn’t taking any great risks. They did say about their own android flagship phone, but did not make any official disclosure of the rumoured Nokia P1, which is going to be the flagship phone from Nokia, of course according to rumours. What we’re certain of is that at least two Android phones, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are going to be available for purchase very soon in the budget-segment.

The Nokia 3 will be a 5-inch smartphone with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage along with 8MP cameras in the front as well as on the back. The Nokia 5 will be a little ‘better’ with RAM and storage, remaining the same, but the processor and graphics being better. While there is no fingerprint sensor in the Nokia 3, it will be present in Nokia 5. The former will be lesser in price than the latter. Both phones will run on Android 7.0 Nougat.

All this was going good and then it turned great with Nokia officially announcing a comeback of its legendary and superhit feature phone of the early 2000s – the Nokia 3310. The phone has apparently been given a complete makeover and will now be sporting a camera, colour screen and mp3 support. There will be no internet support in the phone, as it will take the essence of a feature phone away. With all the old features, people’s favourite was the epic game Snake. Well, Nokia showed an updated version of snake that will be installed in the phone.

New Nokia 3310 2017 vs Old Nokia 3310
New Nokia 3310 2017 and Nokia 3310

With the three big announcements Nokia stole the show from all of other companies. Nokia was always a trusted brand amongst its customers and there was a loyal fan following for all of its phones. With Nokia almost going out of business, fans have dispersed and have taken to other brands. Nokia believes that with Android now a part of the Nokia group, all those loyal fans of Nokia will return back to them.

Well, wishes all the best to Nokia for all its future endeavours and welcome to the Android club.