OnePlus has been one of the fastest emerging companies in the world of smartphones. OnePlus, which was founded in December 2013, has always been manufacturing amazing smartphones and will soon launch a new smartphone, the OnePlus 5. From what we have seen in the latest OnePlus teasers, we can surely say that OnePlus 5 will catch the attention of camera enthusiasts. OnePlus have partnered with DxO Labs, a popular camera-benchmarking site on improving the camera performances starting with OnePlus5. This indicates that the camera of OnePlus5 might not be just better than that of Samsung S8, but will probably blow it out of the water!

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Our sources also informed us that OnePlus5 might offer a 16MP + 20MP dual camera setup with 4-axis Optical Image Stabilization, coupled with Phase Detection Autofocus, with a wide angle and telephoto sensor, similar to that of the latest iPhone 7 Plus. Also rumoured, is a f/1.8 aperture wide-angle dual lens. This is one feature that is missing in the Samsung S8.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 13MP rear camera with multi-image photo processing feature that captures three photos for each snap and results in a sharper image. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also has a wide f/1.7 lens which was also featured in Samsung Galaxy S7. The front camera of S8 has 8MP with autofocus feature which can capture decent low-light pictures.

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Having a dual lens camera in OnePlus5 will definitely be their numero-uno feature which helps you get sharper images with more details and also enable an ultra-wide mode to get the attention of the focussed subject. The dual camera phone also captures images mimicking the working of a human eye to vary focus; this feature was before seen in the stereo camera. The stereo camera also had two cameras which give the ability to capture 3D images and movies. All these aforementioned features will not be available in the single camera phones like Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Looking into more details on OnePlus5, it will have the latest Snapdragon 835 processor and 8GB of RAM. This 5.5-inch screen smartphone performed better when tested in the popular hardware benchmark application, Geekbench 4. The battery of this phone is going to be a Li-polymer type with 3500mAH of capacity.

OnePlus5 is confirmed to be launched on June 22. We had recently reported a leak about the device. We are constantly on our toes and are keeping a close eye on every movement that occurs; we are as excited about the device’s arrival as you are. Stay tuned. 🙂