OnePlus is a brand known for making the best smartphones on the planet and making them available at half the prices of the flagships from manufacturers. Recently, we had come up with news that the OnePlus 5 will sport 8GB of RAM. In latest reports that we received, OnePlus 5 is indeed getting an 8GB memory, and as a thing of surprise, we’ll soon be able to get our hands on the super-powerful smartphone in this month!OnePlus 5

The latest leaks have surfaced from credible sources, and it can be believed to a very good extent that the OnePlus 5 is definitely in line very soon. The phone is expected to sport not just a whopping 8GB RAM, but will also feature a dual-camera system. The camera system is said to be a 13MP+13MP PDAF w/ 4-Axis OIS, apparently placed horizontally. The OnePlus 5 will also hold a 64GB or 128GB internal storage, which will be non-expandable in nature.

Apart from that, the phone will feature the latest flagship processor from Qualcomm, the SnapDragon 835 SoC, Octa-Core chipset, clocked at 2.4 GHz. Although the processor is obviously capable of supporting a 4K screen, the phone will feature an FHD display. The fingerprint scanner will be mounted on the front panel, as opposed to the rumour that OnePlus will follow Samsung Galaxy S8. Also, the phone will not follow the trend set by Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S8, and will most probably not sport a bezel-less screen.

By now you must be wondering what happened to OnePlus 4? Well, apparently the number four is associated with death and is considered inauspicious. So, OnePlus decided to drop the number 4 and brought in the OnePlus 5 directly. But that isn’t stopping anyone from falling in love with this beautifully carved phone.

On the software, OnePlus will continue its trend of using its open source Hydrogen OS, this time based upon the Android v7.1 Nougat. On the battery side, the device will have a 3600mAh battery this time and will ensure it last one full day and night. This configuration is definitely a killer for all the flagships in the market, like the Samsung Galaxy S8+, Xperia XZ Premium, and Xiaomi mi6.

According to the reports that were leaked on Weibo, the phone will be launched sometime in May, by latest, in June this year. This move from OnePlus can be expected as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already launched and is now available for purchase online. Launching their flagship killer device at half the price of the flagship from Samsung before other bring their own devices will definitely capture a lot of market for OnePlus. We’re eagerly waiting for the device to show up and get our hands on it.