The world has been taken by the storm. The wait for the next flagship killer ended yesterday with the grand launch event of the OnePlus 5. The phone was revealed by OnePlus in a grand event hosted at multiple places all over the world. The OnePlus 5 was revealed in a mesmerising fashion, that kept everyone looking in awe. The event was a great success and OnePlus succeeded in gathering a lot of attention at the launch. The phone opens for sale on June 22, 2017, globally, including in Dubai.

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There would no ‘invites’ system for the OnePlus 5 and people would be able to purchase the phone freely from any vendor, whether online or offline. The phone will be available for purchase at approx. 2499 AED. The event’s attention was gathered mostly due to the fact that OnePlus 5 has been in the news for quite a long time and many leaks were constantly surfacing online that kept the heat on, and people had a topic to talk about when it came to smartphones. After a long time, people were now looking beyond the scope of Apple & Samsung.

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Usually, leaks about a device take away the excitement about it. In the case of OnePlus 5, this worked exactly the opposite. A different news every day kept people guessing what would be present exactly. The company banked on the same curiosity of people; some are even claiming that the Oppo subsidiary themselves sent fake news into the market to raise the curiosity levels. Be whatever the case, we are sure that the OnePlus 5 has gathered the attention from the public they wanted.

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The OnePlus 5 specifications are out-of-the-world for the price it is being sold at. With a SnapDragon 835 SoC Octa-Core chipset, there’s no issue of performance. No matter how much demanding an application or a game maybe, there’s no problem. Then there’s 6GB and 8GB of RAM. It wasn’t long ago that this much RAM was a sight exclusive to laptops and desktops. Well, it has entered the mobiles era now. 128GB of internal storage is icing on the cake.

Other than that, a big battery (3300 mAh) with 5V — 4A Dash charging will ensure you don’t spend time with the wall charging your device with a socket and wire. Just 30 minutes of charging, and your phone is good to go for the day.

The biggest attraction is not all that. The one that stands top amongst best features of OnePlus 5 is the dual-lens camera that comes with 16MP f/1.7 + 20MP f/2.2 Telephoto sensors, meant not just to enhance the beauty the of the images captured with this device, but to ensure every photograph is taken with a DSLR-like quality.


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However, there’s a downside too that people have apparently ignored. The phone may have everything people ask for, it’s still not enough, and there’s a reason why Samsung is where they are. OnePlus 5 might just turn out to be a trade-off for one good thing for the other. There are multiple things that are missing in the OnePlus 5 that could have been integrated, as they are calling it a flagship phone.

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There’s a 5.5-inch AMOLED display installed on the OnePlus 5, but the resolution has been capped at 1920 x 1080 pixel (~401 ppi). This is the Full HD resolution, instead of the QHD+ we were expecting for the least. They have given 128GB of internal storage, but there’s no option of expansion available. We understand that given the amount of storage one may not feel the need for expansion, the topic is up for debate.

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Another important aspect of today’s flagship phones is that of being waterproof. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rated to be waterproof for about 30 minutes; there is no such thing in the OnePlus 5. The phone hasn’t been designed that way. Now, that’s something that doesn’t go down well. For a brand that markets itself as a flagship killer, this is a major downside. Another thing that even though no one expected to be present in the phone but still could have a been a big plus, is wireless charging. The addition of wireless charging would have been such a big plus; the public would have forgiven all the shortcomings for this one feature. But despite the processor being competent enough, we don’t have wireless charging.

Another allegation that was put up by XDA developers as soon as the phone was out was that OnePlus has been cheating to get higher scores on the benchmark tests such as AnTuTu, Geekbench, etc. Stating that whenever the phone detected a benchmark app, the performance skyrocketed in order to ensure a higher score. The phone did not perform that well otherwise. OnePlus has denied the allegations.

Overall, the OnePlus 5 is a great device and is very good for an amazing performance, but falls short of some minor things which keep it away from being the ultimate flagship killer. We expected the OnePlus 5 to be able to replace the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the ultimate smartphone. It looks like Samsung lives to fight another day.