OnePlus is a very well known brand by now. Famous for bringing amazing specs at a very low price, the brand is primarily known for making flagship killer phones. OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are amazing phones that sport specifications that rival the likes Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel at half the price. It was speculated that OnePlus would not stay put after the immense success if the OnePlus 3T. Recently, there has been solid news with reasons to believe, about the configuration of the latest venture of the phone series – the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus is a subsidiary brand of Oppo Smartphones and currently, operates in over 42 countries all over the globe. The company works in collaboration with Cyanogen Inc. to provide the software backing to its devices. The phones run on Android offshoot, the OxygenOS, to run on its phones; this allows users to install superuser applications freely on the phone. This important feature of OnePlus phones attracts many developers who don’t have to rely on rooting their devices and risk losing warranty in order to develop applications for the Play Store.

Why a jump from OnePlus 3 to OnePlus 5, you may think. Well, the reason is that the manufacturers think that the number ‘Four’ is sinister and brings bad luck, somewhat like the number 13 in western cultures. Hence, they have decided to skip the number altogether and launch the next variant with the number Five.

Be what it may, we know one thing for sure – the phone will be a stunner; coming up again with mind-blowing specifications. Firstly, the phone is rumoured to have the Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is the same as that of Samsung Galaxy S8. Now performance problems will be off the table with such a chipset. For memory, rumours claim there’s 8GB of RAM on the platter.Even the best smartphones today come with 6GB RAM, and that is already more than enough for running an insane number tasks simultaneously.

The design will be sleeker and even more impressive. That will include a better display, better quality buttons, improved fingerprint sensitivity, etc. Although, it is not yet clear if we’re in store for another bezel-less display, it will come as no surprise if it did. Also to be noted is that the OnePlus 5 may as well be given a dual-camera setup, something that is picking up trend pretty quickly.

The phone is expected to come to the people around November this year – which is one year since OnePlus 3T. Be whatever the case may, we are sure OnePlus never falls short of delivering awesomeness at killing prices. We wish OnePlus finds greater success in it next ventures.