A woman walks past Samsung Electronics Co. signage outside the company's Seocho office building in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017. Samsung Group's Jay Y. Lee was formally arrested on allegations of bribery, perjury and embezzlement, an extraordinary step that jeopardizes the executive's ascent to the top role at the world's biggest smartphone maker. Photographer: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

World’s leading mobile devices manufacturer, Samsung has started production of smart devices that offer a staggering 512GB Universal Flash Storage.

Samsung is using 64-layer 512-GB  V-NAND Chips that can offer seamless storage capacity for their future Flagship smartphones and Tablets.

This step can create ripples in the smartphone market by completely eliminating the need for storage devices like Micro SD cards and Pen drives.

This offers uninterrupted storage facility for the users by providing loads of storage capability.


These devices can hold up to 130 high-resolution 4K videos of 10 minutes duration, this is ten times more than a standard 64-GB capacity device, that can hold 13 High-resolution videos.

This feature comes with a major drawback i.e high power consumption. however, Samsung is developing a new controller chip that can efficiently cut down the amount of power consumed by these devices.

In addition, these chips vastly improve the mapping operation that can improve the speed of processing.


New generation of chipsets to be introduced

The Samsung 512-GB devices offer the best in class reading and writing operations by reaching speeds up to 860- MB/s and 225 MB/s respectively.That makes sure that these devices can offer a never-before experience for the user by providing seamless storage capacity at a brisk pace.

These Samsung 512-GB devices can transfer 5GB of High-Resolution videos in a mere 6-seconds, that is more than 8-times faster than a traditional micro SD card that takes close to 50 seconds to carry out the same operation.


Samsung is looking to get these devices molded for daily operations of the user like storage for High-Resolution video shooting and top quality photos taken from mobile phones, This makes the enormous 512-GB storage more user-friendly by providing better practical day to day usage thus, enhancing their mobile experience.

A perfect blend of speed and efficiency

Samsung is looking forward to speeding up the production process in order to meet the high demand and ensure that this feature is successfully implemented in their future flagship models.

The Korean Smartphone manufacturer is putting efforts to bring the same technology to devices like memory cards to ensure high-end performance.

That’s not the end of the story, Samsung is not confining this technology for smartphones and tablets, they are trying to bring out a more global platform by using Universal Flash Storage for Infotainment systems that can affect the Advanced Driver- Assistance System(ADAS). This can bring tremendous changes in advanced dashboard system for Automobile by offering a better GPS system.

This platform has a wider reach by covering both mobile technology and automobile features.

If this feature can be successfully developed for practical usage, we can expect a much more advanced User Interface compared to the current day technology.