Samsung LLC, the great mobile phone giant and the current largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, after a huge setback, has brought forth the improved version of the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The new device will be manufactured from the spare parts of the Note 7 and will be named Samsung Galaxy Note – Fan Edition. This move comes from Samsung after months of speculations, leaks and rumours. Also, this move is being looked upon as one by Samsung to reduce the environmental burden, as they had recalled around 4.3 million devices that the company had sold last year.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, or simply the Note FE as it is being called, is nothing but the refurbished version of the jinxed Note 7, thirty-five of which devices caught fire or exploded last year; Sending a wave of frenzy through the customers and Samsung voluntarily recalling as many as 4.3 million devices from the markets, the Note 7 turned out to be a complete disaster for Samsung. Owing to a faulty surge current protection circuit for the Note 7, many devices couldn’t retain the heat that was generated due to a faulty circuitry.

The Note FE will share almost all of its design and features with the Note 7; it is manufactured from the parts and spare parts of the Note 7. The design will be very much similar to the older device. Some changes that we are expecting to be put in the Note FE include a smaller battery; the capacity will be reduced from 3500 mAh to 3200 mAh. Also, many reports claim that the refurbished version will run on Android v7.0 Nougat. This rumour can be believed as the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor is totally capable of supporting the next version of Android, and a later version of Android OS is always better to have.

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Another surprise that Samsung has probably in-line is the inclusion of their in-house VI assistant, Bixby. Although there might be no space for placing a dedicated button for Bixby, we might get Bixby in the Note FE, if the reports are to be believed. Apart from that, we can see the 5.7” QHD+ sAMOLED screen on the phone with the S-Pen, with a fingerprint scanner embedded beneath the physical home button. The Note FE, just like the Note 7, will feature the iris scanning technology.

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So far, the South Korean giant has procured the necessary ‘go-ahead’s only within their home country, but they are expecting to be cleared by other countries as well soon enough, and we may see the Samsung Galaxy Note FE being released globally, including China, India, UAE, Europe etc. However, since the US and Canada have banned the device from all flights and shipments flowing into the countries, Samsung will not be making a release of the refurbished device in those countries, despite a clearance from the FCC. The release is expected withing a couple of months, before the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the Apple‘s next phone, the iPhone 8.