Google Inc., in their I/O event this year had made some important announcements. That included a preview version of the Android 8.0 for developers and primary users for testers etc., launching of Android Go, a lite OS for entry level devices, and most importantly, the Google VR Daydream support. Google had promised the feature for all compatible devices soon, and apparently they’ve delivered their promise. In the wake of latest news, we have received fresh news that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be getting their VR daydream soon, the roll out for all Android devices that are compatible, has already begun apparently.
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We’ll soon get to see the Samsung flagships getting the daydream ready update all across the globe. Google VR tweeted about it and said that the update is now rolled with the hashtag #Daydream. The news is confirmed as @googlevr is their official account. Although there have been claims of the VR daydream support was launched a month ago, but wasn’t enabled, this announcement makes it official that the feature can now be accessed by downloading the app from the play store. Anyone with the hardware, i.e. daydream headset can and a compatible phone can use the device.


The Google VR Daydream is a virtual reality headset that allows you to watch movies, play VR games etc. in virtual reality. The product from Google is expected to be a game changer and is also expected to dominate the market completely. Although there have been many varieties of VR headsets, the VR Daydream will offer an everlasting experience, and users will never go to any other, Google says.

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Google has also released a list of the VR ready phones, that are currently compatible with the Daydream.

Although these are the only devices currently compatible, more compatibility is expected to arrive soon. That’s more or less the only info we have on the arrival of the VR headset from Google.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, when they were launched on March 28 this year had been announced to be daydream ready. Eventually, the support has arrived for the flagship devices. We, as fans of the world’s largest smartphone makers are very happy and are more than just eager to try out the technology for ourselves.