The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a device that has been capturing all the attention from tipsters and leakers. The device is said to be the next ‘best from Samsung yet’ and is slated to be released next month. There has been a huge number of ‘leaks’ and ‘rumours’ lately surrounding the expected features and configuration of the latest device from the South Korean smartphone giant. There are so many rumours, it is really hard to believe everything that comes our way. But there still have been certain leaks and tips from reliable sources that have let some important cats out of the bag.

Galaxy Note 8 Performance

Image appears to be brokenThe first thing is the performance of the Note 8 that comes to our minds. All phones from the Note series have been great in terms of performance, with premium features backed with add-ons that make a Galaxy Note worth the money asked for. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come with an Octa-Core SnapDragon 836 SoC chipset. The 836 is nothing but an overclocked version of the SD835. This will simply let the phone perform more calculation per second. Apart from that, the support and abilities of the said chipset will essentially the same as that of 835. The SD 835 chipset is used in many devices like the Galaxy S8, HTC U11, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and OnePlus 5.

Galaxy Note 8 Display

Image appears to be brokenThe company has been vary of adding 4K displays in their devices for a long time. The main reason for this is the amount of battery power that a 4K panel packed inside a 6.2” display consumes. This is why even Galaxy S8 has only QHD+ resolution. However, if the sources are to be believed, we have received tips that the next beast from the Note series might actually feature a 4K display, without having the battery life affected.

Leaks and renders have already made it clear that Samsung will be installing their trend setting ‘infinity’ display in the Note 8 as well.

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Galaxy Note 8 Memory

Image appears to be brokenOn the memory front, Samsung will leave no stone unturned to keep it as competitive as possible. We’re almost sure that we’ll have at least 6GB of RAM along with at least 64GB of internal memory, which of course would be expandable. Samsung always keeps the scope for expandable memories. Many rumours also say that the phone will have another variant with 128GB of storage space. This surely adds it up to our list of expectations from the next flagship from Samsung.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Image appears to be brokenWhat Samsung can surely boast of, is the cameras that they’ll be putting up in the phone. The dual-sensor setup that has been put up on the phone is said to be designed so intensively that the R&D team at Samsung is sure that it’ll surpass the iPhone 7 Plus. The setup is said to be a 13MP wide-angle sensor w/ f/1.8 lens + 12MP telephoto sensor w/ f/2.0 lens; the camera will be capable of up to 3X optical zoom. A feature not seen digital cameras installed in mobile phones. Apart from that both the sensors will have independent OIS. The first ever dual-camera from Samsung is sure to set the world stage on fire; the Note 8 would open the doors for the dual-camera phones club.

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Miscellaneous Features of the Galaxy Note 8


Image appears to be brokenThe phone will of course have the S-Pen stylus, that will be calibrated to be able to sense upto 4096 pressure levels. The phone will be able to understand when its owner is scribbling on it and when someone else is. Also, a couple of other improvements are in line from the R&D team.

Fingerprint Scanner

Image appears to be brokenThe fingerprint sensor will be placed at the back, like they did with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Apparently Samsung has been working extensively on embedding the fingerprint sensor beneath the super AMOLED display panel, but has been unable to do so, causing them to settle down for the same setup as that in the earlier flagships.

Iris Scanner

Image appears to be brokenThe phone will also be sporting an iris scanner. The phone will scan the eye of the holder to determine if the right person has the phone; much like the fingerprint scanner, but will use the front camera for the same. The addition of an iris scanner will enhance the security of the phone and protect your valuable data from being stolen.


Image appears to be brokenThe company is banking a lot of Bixby, the proprietary virtual AI assistant from Samsung, for Samsung. The assistant is still being developed more and more, but will be highly efficient eventually and will be accessible right from the dedicated button that will be provided.

Galaxy Note 8 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price will be somewhere in the range of 2000-2500 AED, as per our speculations. It may be launched at a higher price (up to 3200 AED), but will eventually fall to the said range, as Samsung does when the sales begin dropping finally. Be whatever the case may, Samsung is planning carefully to launch the device and make it available to the world with perfect timing as the iPhone 8 is already on its way to be launched, and Samsung is no mood to let Apple Mobiles take away their sales this time.