Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch on August 23 Live Coverage

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 global release date is September 15, 2017. 

Samsung has been teasing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch dates for quite some time now. Recently they had released a teaser video of 37 seconds with the tagline #DoWhatYouCant where they clearly used a S-Pen in all the animations in the video. The phone is going to be launched today, on August 23, 2017. The event begins at 7PM local time. We are on our toes as the excitement around the phone has been built over a long time and  we’ve been following the phone for a long time now. Right from the dual-cameras to the ever bigger ‘infinity’ display, there have been a lot of rumours around the phone, they will apparently be put to silence today, and the actual specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed tonight.

The event has been named as 2017 Galaxy Unpacked.

Here’s the live coverage and the minutes of the event for you:

8:00 PM: Live streaming concludes with a video presentation on the phone and the capabilities of the device.

7:50 PM: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released for the public on September 15, 2017. The phone will be available for purchase from the said date.

7:45 PM: The Note 8 will have a dedicated microSD slot apart from 64GB internal storage. The memory expandable upto 256GB. Note 8 will also be wireless charger compatible. The phone will also come with a 3.5 mm jack. Seems like Apple is the only one ditching the utility factor.

7:40 PM: Bixby’s ‘Quick Commands’ mode will let you set up a series of commands/tasks using just one voice command.

7:34 PM: Note 8’s S-Pen can help you write upto 100 pages on a turned-off screen, and can translate text with just a few taps.

7:30 PM: Dual cameras unveiled. Comes with quick-launch mode, 2X optical zoom. First phone ever to be launched with dual OIS.

7:20 PM: Infinity Display is Announced. One rumour comes true. Comes with a catch line view more, scroll less.

7:15 PM: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is revealed.

7:05 PM: Emotional testimonies from Samsung Note 7 users send us all into the state of nostalgia.

7:00 PM: Event Begins!!

6:59 PM: 1 minute to go.

6:50 PM: Event begins in 10 minutes.

6:35 PM: Event is being hosted in New York, 11 AM local time.

6:30 PM: 30 minutes to go.