Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most awaited phone in the entire smartphone industry. Apparently the greatest smartphone yet to be ever seen by the entire smartphone industry, rumours and leaks are popping up every day. Earlier, we had reported that the phone’s fingerprint scanner would be placed on the back panel of the phone and no physical buttons will be there. Now, another report has claimed that the latest flagship from Samsung will feature face recognition technology apart from iris scanner and fingerprint scanner – more biometric security to be added.

One of the officials from Samsung said in a statement that they’re adding a face recognition feature along with iris scanner to make up for the speed and accuracy limitations of the latter. The statement also said that this would help the users to unlock their phone in less that 0.01 seconds – which is apparently instantaneous unlocking as per the report.

Other reports surrounding this have claimed that Samsung has already begun the testing of this new feature in the prototypes of the phone, and will be rolled out right along with the launch of the phone. Samsung was expected to announce the phone at the MWC 2017, that was held in Barcelona. However, that turned out not to be the case and currently, we’re expecting an announcement on the phone by March 29 with an announcement of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The phone will be expected to go on sale around the end of April or beginning of May this year itself.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first phone to bring the Snapdragon 835 SoC chipset in the market and is expected to incorporate 8GB of RAM. Whether or not this will prove out to be good enough and viable for customers, time will tell. We’ll have to see and tell what this phone does when it finally arrives.